Get ready for a deluge of Devonian delights, but first a sentimental stop in Cornwall for Sis, who had a year out just across the water from Portscatho Beach in 2015.


Not only did Portscatho give me a tick, it also gave us TWO toll crossings. Though I don’t remember stopping when I crossed the Tamar 🤔

Quite nice, I suppose

This is the Roseland peninsula, beloved of garden fans and pashminas from Penge (is that a thing ? ).


Children called Jemima and Oscar ran amok while Peter hired a boat and Flo dreamt of Prosecco oblivion. I hated it with a vengeance, but you know me.


And the Plume of Feathers wouldn’t let me go to the bar, instead forcing me to use their outside set up.

No.  Thank YOU
Sis awaits beer
Pretend it’s inside and it’s OK
Proper NBSS 2.5

You had to have booked last week to enter the hallowed portals, and I NEVER book.

Sis forced down an OK Proper Job (2.5) in the sun, and then headed off to look for a present for her granddaughter.

But as we know, it’s new Mum and Dad, not baby, who need the beer. So she stocked up on Verdant while I tucked into salad at Chenoweths Park, which seemed very adept at telling people off.

Not bad

Then we took the King Harry chain ferry over toward Falmouth.

Someone got told off there, too, but for a change it wasn’t me.


  1. “it also gave us TWO toll crossings”

    Are they trying to keep tourists out?

    “(is that a thing?)”

    Philosophically, I’d say anything to write could become a ‘thing’. 🙂

    “I hated it with a vegeance, but you know me.”

    Only one of them is wearing a mask! And none of them are social distancing! 😉

    “instead forcing me to use their outside set up.”

    You weren’t kidding about using all of those 300+ photos.

    “Someone got told off there, too, but for a change it wasn’t me.”

    I think there’s an unwritten quota about that.



  2. I suppose it will come as no surprise to you that we rather like the Roseland Peninsular -had a very happy holiday in St Mawes only spoiled slightly with some slight food poisoning form a dodgy mussel which caused me to have a day off sick from work -20 years & that damn mussel spoiled my unblemished record.I like the ferry so much,that I occasionally watch it on the webcam (sad I know)

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