A 9am GBG tick. What more could you ask for on the first day of your holiday ?

Bless you, Spoons

Thank goodness for Wetherspoons, giving ticking holidays a flying start since 1979.

It only meant a minor detour from our usual route above Dartmoor, and it’s important to support the beleaguered Tim as those nasty small breweries gang up on him.


“It’s in Mutley” said Sis. “Like in Wacky Races“.

I pretended I knew whereabouts in Plymouth this Mutley was, before letting Sis let Google direct us off the A38. If only I’d remembered I’d been there to tick the Fortescue, but I can’t remember EVERYTHING.

Free parking for 2 hours, to attract tickers.


It looked plain, a crumbling suburb north of the University

Stunning views

Much like a North West London settlement propped up with charity shops, tired Spoons and “dance studio“.

Seen some use
Not any dance I know

What’s not to like?

High street Spoons
Sit down, shut up

Compact, rather overwhelmed by arrows and sticky tape, and half full with that peculiar Spoons mix of old blokes with plastic bags and students buying breakfast for Β£2.15. The plastic bag man was more fun.

Sis found the balcony with its startling views of pigeons attacking rubbish bins.

Oooh, love a balcony

I’m not sure Sis REALLY wanted a pint of Jail Ale at 9.15am, but she knows the rules.

Highly quaffable” said our beer expert. That weird lemon soda and a pint cost Β£2.30. Ruddles would have knocked a quid off the bill.

We would have set off for the Roseland peninsula, tick in the bag, but got distracted by street art.




  1. I’m not sure about the small breweries ganging up on Tim, but there seems to be a right storm brewing at the moment in my local CAMRA branch – not that I’m a member any more.

    It’s something to do with the abolition of preferential duty rates, that have been enjoyed by the “man in a shed” type breweries, since the year dot. All of a sudden, highly regarded breweries like Harvey’s. are the spawn of the devil! (Glad I’m not a member any more!)

    Enjoy your break, before Cornwall closes its border with England!

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    1. Last night I popped in an ale and cider bar in Bideford. Not GBG, but looked like it might.

      Asked for my name and postcode, I was told they were only serving EX39 residents, but I could use the Spoons.

      “Wetherspoons! ” I protested.

      They’re still terrified of us Londoners bringing the plague. Several bars are closed, service from outside table, and masks worn inside the pub.


  2. “What more could you ask for on the first day of your holiday ?”

    Well, not extra hash browns, obviously. πŸ™‚

    “Thank goodness for Wetherspoons, giving ticking holidays a flying start since 1979.”

    Are you suggesting that Weatherspoons ticks people off on holiday?

    “and it’s important to support the beleaguered Tim as those nasty small breweries gang up on him.”

    Oh, I say… steady on old chap!

    “β€œIt’s in Mutley” said Sis. β€œLike in Wacky Racesβ€œ.”

    You darling Sis beat me to it! When I saw the title that’s exactly what I was thinking! πŸ™‚

    “It looked plain,”

    Good lord. The photo below looks like one of those miniature effect photo thingies.

    “Compact, rather overwhelmed by arrows and sticky tape”

    Pretty sure, in the photo above, that the definition of ‘queue’ never meant to imply six feet apart. πŸ˜‰

    “but she knows the rules.”

    Too bloody right mate!

    “That weird lemon soda”

    Is that some sort of bearded hipster new ale?

    “but got distracted by street art.”

    You know that looks like an invading army of blancmange, yes? πŸ™‚


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      1. My (blushing) thanks to all.

        I will, of course, owe everyone a round if and when I ever make it over there (still on the cards in two years or so). This year has been somewhat surreal, as I’m sure many would agree. My wife’s catering went completely out the window but we managed to keep the lunch truck going. It’s been a bit of a slog but we’re not doing too badly. A bit discouraging though trying to buy food for essentially three dozen people a day! If it’s not in stock, then it’s limited purchase or we get the evil eye from folks who thought we were hoarding; and don’t mention the lines to get in, and out!

        But my muse finally kicked my in the goolies and told me to get back to my fave Brit Beer blogs. πŸ™‚


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      2. Forgot about that virus thing. It’s gone here, or is just in Preston and Aberdeen, which is the same thing.

        We assumed a Canadian style accident had done for you. Loads of giant animals and syrup.

        You’ve missed about 300 posts about ⚽ from me.

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  3. Even I, as a very intermittent contributor (but avid reader!) find myself (irrationally?!) cheered by the return of Russ (bit of clumsy phrasing there but don’t want to immediately fall foul of the apostrophe police: Russ’s’es’s? LOL) . Welcome back.

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