I set the alarm for 3.30am this morning, and by 4.15 my Sis and I were on the A14 heading for the coast, like on the Sonic Youth cover.

Follow that van

We’re heading to Helston to see Wren, Julie’s first grandchild. It’s just possible there’ll be pubs. Mrs RM is perfectly happy drinking low alcoholic lager at home, I’m sure.


By 7.19 we’d passed the perennial hold up zone below Bristol, and as mist rolled across the Levels we made our first pit stop at Sedgemoor Services.

What a delightful way to start a holiday, home brewed coffee and McDonalds hash browns in a picnic area off the M5.

No, I mean it.

Yes, spider’s webs to greet the morn.

Then we surveyed the GBG, and spotted the 9am tick…


11 thoughts on “AND HE’S OFF

  1. You’re on the way to the Promised Land! Enjoy. I’ll be there myself on Sunday to pay a mercy visit to my dear old mum.
    Some good news for you is that the Star in Crowlas reopened last week.
    On the other hand I overnighted on Dartmoor last month, the Drewe Arms and the Devonshire in South Zeal were both “closed for the foreseeable future.”

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  2. Lovely early morn photos RM….undoubtedly the best time of the day (except for that time when you arrive at Weatherspoons and finding they really do have Jail Ale on of course!).
    Hellishly hot here – mid afternoon in the deserts of Hampshire – no sign of any thunderstorms and having hallucinations that there is an oasis selling Bass up ahead… 😉

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    1. LAF,
      Indeed, early morning is the best part of the day ( as I was reminded just over five months ago in Stoney Street, the Market Porter at 6.30am then the Wheatsheaf )..


      1. LAF,
        You can join me next time – if we ever see ‘normal times’ again – and Martin won’t want to miss out.
        It’s the Black Friar at 10am then no shortage of proper pubs from 11am.


      1. That marks you out as a person of sound judgement and refinement, Neil. It was always a 5am pint of Punk for Mrs RM at Stansted, though I doubt we’ll be flying again any time soon.


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