Bonus post tonight, with Bass and Yellow Belly and bust diets.

That nice man Curry Charles (I think the Charles is an alias) sent me home on Wednesday with a beer for Mrs RM.

I think it’s the one with the controversial wrapping paper, which I’ve banned from here as my blog doesn’t like controversy.

NOT Batemans

It’s 11%, DON’T drink it all in one go” I said, more in hope than expectation.

Bye” said Mrs RM, as I set off on an adventure that somehow ended with the world’s dullest walk between Caldecote and Hardwick, whose Blue Lion was closed.

Cambridgeshire’s most expensive pint

The message arrived.


You can’t be cross, can you ?

At least she hasn’t drunk my 1998 Bass Museum beer brewed for the Good Beer Guide Silver Selection. I think.

I cheered myself up at The Sun.


My first Bass post-4 July. Thanks to Saimon for the alert.


NBSS 3.5 said Saimon. Spot on.

So was the Chung Hwa. I forgave Mrs RM.

Predictable choices

But this hedonistic lifestyle of crispy beef and Bass is taking its toll.

You’re putting on a beer gut” she said last night, as Boris urged us to follow his example.

And despite my being fit enough to outwalk any of you lot, she’s right. So it’s no more starch. Just veg, fish and exercise. And a sneaky Chinese when I’m out.

On the way home from tonight’s exercise she said “Fancy a pint ?”.

Bass still on
Better than ever

11 thoughts on “HAPPY AS ****

  1. This one generated a big silly grin every other sentence. Loved the line “more in hope than expectation.”

    I mean, if after all these GBG pub visits it’s only now that you’ve put on a beer gut, I’d mark that down as a major achievement, surely. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. What about that “Q” like a “2” in “Quinn” on the bottom line of the beer label ?
    Where’s Matthew when we need him ?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “Happy as fu*k ” I like that -I may use it when I pack in my job in 15 days time & become Retired Pauline in the Perfect Pashmina

    Liked by 1 person

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