We left the Cock, wishing we’d tried the (cheaper) local beers. It’ll be in the GBG22, I guess, if the GBG lasts that long with CAMRA members seemingly bored of visiting pubs.

Just as well Charles and BRAPA and Duncan and I aren’t bored of visiting pubs (reminds me, must score the beer on WhatPub).

Dereham itinerary

Not quite Ye Olde Reindeer

Look at that” whispered Charles. He knows how the blog works by now.

Dereham bike contest

I was just in time,  You don’t see a Miles Hunt lookalike everyday (Quinno will get that).

Last time we popped in The Bull, an old-fashioned Greene King house with a Terry Jacks playlist.

Nice refurb

It looked even smarter, but lots of signs said “Beware“, “Not this way” and “Be alert” and we left it to the gentlefolk.

Instead we headed for the nation’s saving grace.

Cultural melting pot

The Romany Rye is a great favourite of Kent’s top pub blogger, but we’ve struggled to get in, let alone a seat, amidst a sea of pashminas and blue rinse.

Not tonight, as the gentlefolk are staying firmly behind closed doors.  It must have been half full.

Blokes, but not OLD blokes
Yellow tape and young people

It feels a different pub.  No detritus, clean surfaces, no bar fly bores, less silly beers.

Comforting sight

OK, one silly beer.

Scary sight

We went outside to the expanded garden so we could be with folk our own age.


Pints of foaming Abbot (3.5) and that Wolf charity beer (Charles never learns, does he ?) were unwisely followed by a Punk IPA and a can of that Oakham Inception that may be the best new brew in Spoons for years.

Craft men

With the hum of a mobile refrigeration unit for company, and the joy of having been able to use the Spoons App despite being ancient, bliss it was in that time to be alive.

But Charles had booked curry for 8.  And it was only 7.


NB Who knew ‘Arry Cripps came from Dereham ?



23 thoughts on “‘ARRY CRIPPS

  1. If the 2021 edition is the last GBG I wouldn’t conclude that was because CAMRA members were bored of visiting pubs.
    I for example didn’t buy the 2020 edition but still made 731 visits to 390 pubs ( no, not a total of 285,090 visits ) last year.

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    1. You’re the exception, Paul. I saw this on Discourse last week about the GBG21 post Covid;

      “Despite having nearly 200, 000 members nationally, our branch – and I suspect many others, will be (literally) dead within 10 – 15 years…and nobody under 50 wants to go around surveying pubs for the GBG”


      1. Yes, I read that and I’m sure it’s true for many branches.
        CAMRA membership is in decline and the average age increasing by a year every years means not only less branch activity but also less visits to pubs.
        But only about one tenth of members buying the GBG annually suggests to me that they, and I’m meaning the many ordinary members rather than the few active on Discourse, are not so much bored of visiting pubs as finding the GBG is no longer for them and several of the comments on t’Other Mudgie’s “Stop all the clocks” feature backs that up..


    2. What is your lifetime rally of pubs Paul? Asking for a friend. Is that a half picture of Charles with the Turquoise phone cover? He normally keeps incognito on your blogs. Wisely.


      1. I’ve no idea how many pubs I’ve drunk in – certainly not nearly 20,000 from 390 a year, probably several thousand.

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      2. Details records don’t necessarily include a running total.
        Using my favourite pubs quite regularly means it’s not a properly mighty figure.

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      3. Ah yes, that really was a Proper Day Out in St Albans in November 2018.
        And I think you were a couple of hours behind me in Tim’s new St Pancras venue.

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  2. Thanks for the link back to my 2017 post Martin, which I see not only praises the Romany Rye, but also includes a few kind words from me about the Wetherspoon’s chairman. I must have been in an uncommonly good mood when I wrote that piece!

    Note though, the poor quality guest ale which, although not quite “plant pot” standard, did leave much to be desired.

    There is a possibility of a visit to Dereham within the next month, following the relaxation of rules for visitors to care homes. I haven’t checked with dad’s home yet, as I’d prefer to leave it a couple of weeks for any rush to die down, but the short of it is a pint in the Cherry Tree could be on the cards.

    I will keep you posted!

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