On the Tuesday morning I was woke at 6 (am !) by the sound of baa-ing (?) with a stream of sheep being brought to market ahead of conversion to Lamb Dopiaza.

My campervan allows for Pre-Covid standards of ablutions, just enough to get changed and out of the car park before it was overrun by Yorkshire farmers.

Parked up by Gayle Beck, I headed into Hawes (whose car parks charge money) for breakfast.


Not as old as the Indian takeaway
Instantly you need a wee

Despite it being market day in honeypot Yorkshire Dales in July, finding a coffee and full Yorkshire breakfast was challenging. Seemingly it’s gentlefolk business owners as much as gentlefolk patrons who are nervous about reopening.

Cafes – the new micro

Half a dozen cafes weren’t opening anytime soon, but Hawes was redeemed by Stage 1 Cycles, whose young folk rustled up poppyseed cake and flat back and made me feel bad about slagging off cyclists.

Stage 1 Cycles and a train

I joined the throng of walkers heading for Hardraw Force, 2 miles north.

Over there

When I say “throng“, I mean “none“, of course.

Demonstrate against sheepdogs

The waterfall, which I sense I last visited in 1992 when it was a mere stream, is private owned and tucked behind the village pub. A bit like High Force but with weird accents.


For £4 you get to stroll the site and ride down the waterfall on an inflatable boat.

It’s no Victoria Falls, but it is a gorgeous walk around the cliffs.

More craft water
Identify the flower for 3.5 points

An American couple who’d driven (driven !) from Hawes said Hello.  Americans are lovely, aren’t they ?

“They’ve turned the waterfall off for an hour, for maintenance”  I told them.

“Really ?” they said, and carried on, bemused.

12 thoughts on “HARDRAW FORCE

  1. In 2012 the four of us, 3 brothers and I, each paid a pound to see the waterfall. The flow was even less than in your video.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. “Pre-Covid standards of ablutions, ”
    Would have thought the post covid approach would have been more useful…how long does it take to have a complete rub down with sanitiser gel…? (No details please)

    Great gag about the sheepdog demo👏. I’ve seen one of those – they do a lot of weird protest whistling…presumably to upset the dogs…

    “Really ?” they said, and carried on, bemused.”
    Coincidentally I was listening to a programme on the radio the other day – an American guy was explaining that Americans don’t do ironic humour …
    (I wouldn’t know myself🙄)

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