Another 30 degree scorcher today, as the sun gets it all out of its system before 4 July.

A year ago we were also sizzling in 30 degrees in Coney Island, the highlight of every trip to New York (joking, it’s the Bass in the Ear).

Joker stairs not shown

Brought up on songs from Lou Reed, the Ramones and, er, Van Morrison, Coney is a less classy Blackpool, which is a very bad good thing indeed. No one actually stays overnight in Coney though.

Car ?  Carousel ?

Most people visit Blackpool for the craft beer pubs these days; most New Yorkers visit Coney for Nathan’s hot dogs.  I don’t queue more than 10 minutes for a hot dog though.

Iconic font

Since I got back I’ve watched the complete Mr Robot on Amazon Prime; I don’t remember passing the HQ of F*** Society last year.

See the source image
Mr Robot – 8/10

The walk down Mermaid Avenue, home to Woody and Billy, is quite “exciting“, but Mrs RM and I chickened out of the rollercoasters and instead got p****d in the eponymous brewpub.

Pay with cash money
Possibly not true
This IPA was brilliant

I only knew that as I heard Matt say “Mum, you’re p****d” ten minutes later as we met up again on the beach, loaded up with pizza, curly fries and a cup of lovely Brooklyn Summer Ale from Paul’s Daughter.

A great name for a pub

The last few weeks have seen me drinking takeaway beer in the grounds of Kings College and a Norfolk market place.  Drinking strong beer in the sun is what makes us human.


Now I know what “Breaking the law” by Judas Priest and “Strong arm of the law” by Saxon were about; blissfully ignorant Brits drinking beer in public places.

NB  Did the announcement yesterday mean we can drink on the pavement over here ? Someone will know.


  1. Coney Island looms large in the collective imagination, but I confess I’ve never actually been there. Your description of it as a “less-classy Blackpool” (which I’ve also never been to) makes me think it’s probably not the right destination for my sort. Who knows though, maybe I’ll get to go there someday and it’ll turn out I love it.

    I loved the “Slayer” sign. As you no doubt realize, it’s a parody of the “employees must wash their hands before returning to work” signs that are mandated by law over here. Is there a similar law over there, or can restaurants have no such sign in their restrooms if they like?

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    1. You’d love Coney. It’s not THAT big, and what I’d call a “mixed” neighbourhood, with sprawling suburbs and retirement homes. Certainly not a distinct town like the UK seaside places the Southworths love.

      Not sure on the law, but our Health & Safety regulations no doubt mandate clear expectations about handwashing, though I guess staff have their own washroom.

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      1. You’d love the outdoor Gents at the Sun in Waterbeach, Paul. And the Ladies seems to be a late conversion of the tenants own, says Mrs RM. I presume customers brought their own pots to pubs originally.


      1. Am pleased to report that the Red Lion, Snargate still has its outside gents. Not sure about the ladies, mind you, as I’ve never stopped off there with Mrs PBT’s in tow. But as both you and Stafford Paul confirm, you can’t beat a proper outside gents! Or John, for that matter.

        I imagine a proper Aussie “dunny” would not be suitable for those of a sensitive disposition!

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