More of that football with a pub recommendation you love.

A 1-0 win against the champions-elect that took Cambridge to the brink of the Second Division, only 8 years after displacing Bradford PA.

Big Ron had jumped ship in February for the lure of West Brom’s desi pubs, but a dour Scot (aren’t they all ?) had completed the job, much like McFarlnd did with Burton in 2009.

Docherty next to captain Brendan

More pics to cheer Bill, lost in youthful memories here;

“That was a hell of a Wrexham side that year, featuring the mighty Dixie McNeil, a fat, toothless bloke who knew where the goal was. Scored 9 in that cup run. Went up that year and reached the quarters of the FA and League Cups.”


9,698 packed into the Abbey that night, including a tubby 3 year old squashed against the rails along the main stand who literally couldn’t watch the 15 minutes after Gordon Sweetzer‘s late winner sparked, er, jubilant scenes.

Promotion was secured on the Saturday, 20 schoolboys on a coach bound for Calais on a French exchange glued to a portable radio to hear two late goals against Exeter.

These were different, more innocent times.

One for Curry Charles

That’s the best I can do from the programme.

There were two Globes in Cambridge in 1978, the superior one not gracing the Guide but advertising in the programme and providing Proper Beer to the Newmarket Road End,

John Smiths cask – rejoice

and some authentic post-punk racket in the back room, notably from Cambridge’s best band.

Stuff the Floyd

The Globe Inn barely lasted into the 21st century, but IS now a superb curry house so win some, lose some.



In fact the whole of Newmarket Road is now a treat for the adventurous gourmand, if not the John Smiths drinker.

The Thai and Broadside combination at the Wrestlers, closest to the Abbey, is Mrs RM’s night out of choice.

Best Thai in the country
Possibly healthy

But if you’re after a pint between station and ground, wobble here and tell Jethro I sent you;


It was good enough for BRAPA.





3 thoughts on “SWEETZER !

  1. It does make me smile, seeing that photo of Simon. Hopefully we’re nearing the day when your respective quests can resume.

    Can’t say I’ve ever heard of Nutmeg, but that album cover makes me contemplate one of the things we’ve lost with music going fully digital: That one-two punch of an album cover with its name-of-the-band, followed by name-of-the-album. I recall a band back in the early 80s that had some fun with it: The dB’s, and their album, Stands For Decibels. 🙂


    1. Yes that dB’s title was a classic.

      That Nutmeg cover was for their 12″ single, shown live here;

      You can see what inspired The Strokes !

      Very much a live band, their LP Electric Putty doesn’t really capture it. There’s a remote connection with Katrina & the Waves.

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