This post is brought to you by contractual obligation.

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Let me check my spreadsheet…………………………………oh, zero pubs in May.

So the world map of GBG ticks STILL looks like this.

Devon taunts me

But other folk have real problems, so I count my blessings.

At least in mid-May I got to drive again, visiting all that Fen Edge wilderness that some of you love.

Anywhere I’ve missed ?

But I miss walking through that pub door, greeted with “a’reet duck” or “Are you a CAMRA” or “Will you be dining with us Sir”.

At least the Chung Hwa re-opened.

Best Chinese takeaway in England – fact

and Dad cheered up when they let him whack balls again.

Don’t tell him”football” is back,too

April was a completely dry month. May was the month I cracked, allowing the evil of beer back into the home.

Only to support the local brewers, you understand.  Like Papworth, Milton, Moonshine, and these guys who I think come from Landbeach.


Just to remind you what a pub looks like, my most read post of the month was all about this corker;

Proper carpets

I reckon ALL the folk in the village read it. If you can work out the pub, you win TWO pints of Doom Bar.  I’ll drive down to Sharp’s to collect it myself.


Don’t even go there. If pubs open as beer gardens only I’ll be mightily conflicted.


No gigs, obviously, but this was the best bit of new(ish) music I heard in May.

As the man says, take care of yourselves.


3 thoughts on “MAY ’20 STOCKTAKE + JUNE PREVIEW

  1. I won’t actually be conflicted if only beer gardens effectively open but then there are very few here compared to England. It certainly won’t be worth long distance chasing a GBG entry here or there when others aren’t open. In other news an osprey just flew over the garden.

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