The only way to follow Oldham is, of course, Cologne.

To assist those of you who didn’t get a “B” in Geography “O” Level, I’ve shown Cologne in relation to England.  Well, Dover, anyway.


You’re here because I’ve found my small stash of foreign programmes that Steve Earl used to sell 5 for a quid.

Not only were they NOT IN ENGLISH, they weren’t actually very good.

More newspaper programmes
Schumacher, England’s favourite keeper

This is a European Cup semi-final, but the programme resembles a 1980s issue of Autotrader.

One classic advert,

Oi you can’t do that !

and a reminder of how Punk ! was raging through Western Europe in ’79.


20 months on from that friendly in Skegness, Bowyer took Clough to European glory and started a long German love affair with a hitherto middling Midlands club (sorry Alan).

If you were hoping for a guide to Cologne’s best bars in the programme you’d be disappointed.

Not that you’re getting much respite from Kolsch, or the Dom, on your trip.

Nice fonts for Matthew Lawrenson
Our view from the Dom

I took James here on a post-exam German trip five years ago, and the climb up the Dom was a highlight, though Bonn, Dusseldorf and Duisburg were better.

While James finished his schnitzel at Fruh am Dom I nipped round several other Kolsch houses listed in Ron’s  European Beer Guide.

No photos, sadly, but you’ll find plenty on Paul’s blog.

I DID take a shot of this astonishing basic Bonn boozer, the sort of place you still get in Glasgow Southside.

Can you identify this ?

I sat at the bar one night, watching the barman mark the beermat as the bloke next to me rattled up a dozen Kolsch in an hour,

At one point he dropped a twenty euro note which I dutifully returned.

Back slapped, “Bier for the Englischer !“, a fantastic evening without photos or notes.  The best sort.

Like a wonky Lees glass

Wonderful country.


21 thoughts on “DOM KOLSCH

      1. Switzerland, obvs. Can’t beat the combo of Helvetica and Univers. Interestingly, the team lineups in that old programme are in Helvetica, while the “Voraussichtliche Mannschafts-Aufstellung” bit is in Univers.

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  1. Dusseldorf and Cologne were on my list for this year. Two of the last beer cities I have on my list of must visit beer cities. Nice to see the pictures even if I can’t go!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Interesting he liked Düsseldorf so much. I can’t get a good read on the city from afar. If you stayed in one, which would you choose?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The best thing about the Ruhr towns is that you can travel quickly between any of them. We stayed a couple of nights each in Dortmund, Bonn, and Duisburg, and you can be in any of the main cities in an hour. And you can travel all day as a group very cheaply.

        You’ll see why we liked Dusseldorf, though the industrial architecture at Duisburg and the church in Essen were probably highlights.

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  2. Loved the “Bier for the Englischer” sequence! I got to spend a full month in Germany back in my college days, and loved every day of it. Sadly haven’t been able to return since 1987– I expect the place hasn’t changed so much since then though, at least in terms of how nicely the beer pairs with the sausage. 🙂

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    1. Glad you’ve experienced Germany; where were you based Mark ? I’m sure it hasn’t changed much.

      That Bonn visit was just before the blog started, though I doubt I’d have taken many photos as sitting at the bar you don’t, but you remember things like that.

      Outside the north of England, I think German and Polish pubs are some of the best for banter !


      1. I was able to visit a variety of cities, including Cologne, Bonn, Essen, and West Berlin (well before the wall came down). In my freshman year of college I fell in with a bunch of European students, and in the fall of 1985 I went off and visited them all. Among whatever good ideas I’ve come up with in my life, that might just have been the best of them. Got to see Europe from the point of view of ordinary Europeans, in Germany, France, and Denmark, and then (on my own) Italy and Greece. I knew I was lucky then, but now, by god, I look back upon it as nothing short of miraculous!

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      2. Well done, follow your instincts. Did you get to meet Nena ? (;-0

        Essen is strange. Mostly modernised, had the entire centre converted to an outdoor food and wine fair when we visited. Astonishing.

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  3. Thanks for the link back to my Cologne post, Martin. It brought back a few memories.

    In answer to Dave, it’s difficult to decide between Cologne and Düsseldorf. Both cities have their merits, and its hard to comprehend how different they are, from each other, given they’re only about 30 miles apart. This doesn’t just apply to the very distinct beer styles, either.

    I would probably opt for Cologne, but only because the number of times I’ve been there, compared with Düsseldorf. My company has booked exhibition space and hotel accommodation, for the International Dental Show in the city, for next March. I’m wondering whether the event will take place, given its size.

    It would be nice to go along for one last trade show, even though it would represent my 8th visit to this Rhineland city.

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    1. I think you’d touched on Cologne a few times, Paul; that was just the one that came up.

      Cologne would, I’m sure make a good base. We only spent a couple of hours there as we were on the way to Duisburg and the Old Town didn’t jump out as much as I though it might.

      You gave some restaurant recommendations I’m bound to forget but which sounded great !


    2. Thx,Paul. They are so close together you likely would stay in one not both. Tough to choose when I plan trips there. Düsseldorf makes sense when I include Munster. I have Pinkus on my list of pubs.

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