The GBG says “Gwent“,

Don’t blame me

Mudgie says “Monmouthshire“, and some would say Greater Tewkesbury.



But as the contours and views show, it’s very much Wales in Abergavenny.

Contours ? asks astonished Fen Boy
Scary approach roads
Sugar Loaf Mountain

See also authentic Welsh touches in the castle park, such as

“the famous “Jumper Tree” onto which people sew their requests for the next craft beer in the Wetherspoons (or possibly request Iron Maiden songs at the Eisteddfod, who can say) “


Not as stunning as Monmouth, though the pubs may influence my view on that, but plenty for the tiling and font enthusiast (top).

A bit of Burton style over the Usk in Llanfoist at the marvellous Bridge.

Pub life
Flgstones, Hancocks “toaster” sign, bench seting

In town the Station, which I always mix up with the Railway over the road offers this hipster beer in a very non-hipster setting. Years since I’ve been in.

but the Railway is the looker, isn’t it ?


Nearby recent GBG newbie Y Cantreff has handily placed pot plants for the ticker.


It’s a classy place, bar the dogs tripping you up and dull lacings.

Nice pot plants

Top marks for the pedestrianisation,

and the Spoons conversion. “EHT MUESIILOC” is clearly Welsh for “Smooth £1.99“.

Love a Spoons cinema conversion

Spoons may have their critics (surely not ?) but the Welsh options on the menu, like this San Pellegrino from the lemon groves of Ebbw Vale, are always a winner.

Proper plates

Still can’t forgive what Brain’s did to the Hen & Chickens, mind.


  1. Never been, but this was not one I expected to end up on the list of recommendations. These are recommendations are they not? I don’t sense otherwise on this one:) Looks really beautiful.


  2. The Hen & Chickens in Abergavenny used to be a well-known free house serving Bass before Brains took it over. An interesting town to explore, although not really a tourist magnet.

    That dish of stew really doesn’t look very appetising 😦


      1. Haha! I lose track of stadiums, but since I don’t go to them, it’s not that serious.

        That’s Sugar Loaf there, the conical mound to the northwest of Abergavenny.

        Blorenge is over the river to the south-ish.

        I’ve not yet visited those pubs, mind.


  3. I see that the Railway Inn was built in a flat iron shape so that those leaving the railway station would think it was the Brunswick.

    I think we must have approached it backwards but we used the Coliseum on our way home from the Gower peninsular ten years ago. All I remember is that it hadn’t been built as lavishly as Stafford’s Picture House.

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