The new Beer Guide entries in Lancashire pretty much mirror those in Notts. Female friendly micropubs with gin.


Rossendale in particular seems likely to keep us tickers busy for years working out micro opening hours.

Fine with me, the B6232 between Haslingden and Blackburn is one of our great roads.


Ideally placed for the Rovers

The Dog in Belthorn is a Community-owned Pub, popular with CAMRA but not always as wonderful for outsiders as you’d think.


First sighting of Peter and the Atomic Valley

Community ownership can mean locals treating it as their personal fiefdom, sprawling out their dogs and children and Sunday Times to make entry as difficult as possible for visitors.


That’s not true of the Dog, where it’s just our canine friends forming the obstacle course.

I enter the pub, and this is beyond a joke now, to the strains of Dire Straits.

If you can identify the track from this clip you win a pint of Thwaites Smooth.

I DID recognise Antmusic, though Dog Eat Dog would have been more appropriate.

Rather scarier than dog licking, it’s Burnley’s finest homebrew.

Posh jam jars

To its credit, the Pale was cool and tasty. But still Reedley Hallows.

And if you had to self isolate here, at least you’ve got a box of Roses as well as beer and Pringles to keep you going for two weeks.



  1. There’s eggs, beans, coffee and soup to keep you going, as well as beer and Pringles. Plus a stack of Sharpe to get stuck into once you’ve finished Peter and the Atomic Valley. Two weeks’ self isolation begins to appeal…

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