31st January 2020

Shortest post ever, but putting Burntwood and Brownhills in the same blog post still carries the metaphorical death sentence.

I won’t lie, Burntwood is just a large Morrisons, a miniature railway round a lake, and the lowest ranked football team ever to reach the 3rd round of the FA Cup (akin to St Mirren reaching the FA Cup final I think).

A marvellous OS extract makes it look enchanting, particularly for fans of Toll Motorway Service Stations (pick me, pick me).


More mining town art for you, with free pit pony.


The juxtaposition of Heron Foods and BRETFRED says a lot about the town.


But you REALLY need to visit Sankey’s to fall in love with the place.


Quite simply, the friendliest micro since, ooh, Idle.

Superb Woods Stout, a rich and chewy 3.5, and local characters giving me the backstory to a bloke taking fag ends out of the bin. They were very chatty, and it felt like the only boozer in town.


I was hungry by now, sadly no cobs in Sankey’s, so contemplated a Marston’s carvery in the Wych Elm.


Sadly, it was all 2-for-1 type stuff and I wasn’t up to eating two portions of fish and chips for £8.99, so I passed on the Pedi.


It was a bad decision.

10 thoughts on “BURNTWOOD BONANZA

  1. I love Sankey’s Taphouse, and there’s a top-notch curry house over the road. Unfortunately, the bus from us commoners in Walsall no longer runs at night 😦

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