8th January 2020

Yes, January 8th was a long day.

It ended, as all good things must, ten miles away from my in-laws in west Kent, a few yards from where Mrs RM has been turning computers on and off in Sevenoaks.

Home to Churchill, Bailey and Mrs RM’s parents, heroes all
Welcome sign

Sevenoaks is nearly a GBG-free town this year. Just the venerable Anchor, a Proper Pub that didn’t appeal.

So Mrs RM took me for a Chicken Dhansak in the Raj Bari, which only I rated NCSS 2.5, if honest.

I was surprised, but delighted, when she opted to accompany me to the GBG newbie down the road at Tonbridge.

That’s another chunk of the retirement pot gone

I’ll be honest, I’d been saving this one to do with famous local Paul Bailey, but Paul was at a fancy dress party in Dundee.

Enter a caption

Mrs RM assured me the Nelson Arms was a scary backstreet boozer that she’d be banned from visiting when her parents when shopping in town, but then she would have been 14 at the time.

I’m reminded of the Proper Pubs in the terraces behind Crewe station.

Love boozers in dead end terrace streets

If Paul had written his daylight report before he (coincidentally) visited last week I’d have known better.

It’s a gem.

Almost a snug

A classy refurb of a Sheps pub, it’s the sort of pub for professionals (people, not drinkers) in central Cambridge, just a bit smarter.

Not bench seating

Mrs RM loved it, found the comfiest seat in the corner, and awaited a pint.


Classy beer board

Yes, of course the Tonbridge Traditional, but also a barley wine from Kent Brewery that Mrs RM failed to resist.

They must have been good.


Great beer (3.5+), but more importantly a pub where you can come and eat, or hide in the corner, or watch Aston Villa v Leicester on the telly.


Judith Chalmers was there, for God’s sake” said someone. Judith gets everywhere.

There was even an authentic Watney’s Red Barrel, a second in succession, awaiting the comeback.

What a shame the Gents has to let the side down, but I guess Tonbridge will get Woke by 2025, about the time BRAPA gets here.

Disgusting of (near) Tunbridge Wells

No doubt Si will ignore the sign.


  1. Shame I missed you and Mrs RM Martin, but glad to hear you enjoyed the Nelson. Coincidentally we were in there this lunchtime; the occasion being the local CAMRA branch post-Christmas meal.

    I must ask Mrs PBT’s what the decor in the ladies is like!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tonbridge and Tunbridge is ever worse than that Keswick and Kendal malarkey in Cumbria.
    Was it to confuse a possible Nazi invasion before my time ?

    Liked by 1 person

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