4th January 2020

What a strange beast the GBG is.

Five successive Guide entries around the Humber are;

  1. A city centre Edwardian drinking palace
  2. A Michelin starred Gastropub by the sluice
  3. A very basic one beer boozer by a villlage station
  4. An ornate Sam Smiths pub (NEXT !)
  5. An off-licence

The third of them is one of the plainest GBG entries I’ve been in for some years, which makes it special I guess.

On the cusp of the Wolds but without the excitement of Brigg‘s heaving metropolis, I can’t find much to say about Barnetby-le-Wold, either. I’m sure Tom can fill you in on essential train facts and


Here’s a recent photo of the High Street.

And here’s the Whistle & Flute, a welcome return to its original medieval name.


Then I read “Almost 25 per cent of the Britain’s bulk rail freight traffic passes through the village.“. Sadly, that translates to half a dozen in the station pub on Friday afternoon, including a cheerful chap seated at the bar with his laptop.

Banned in my next pub

Nice hat” I say.

He’s from London, he says by way of explanation. Well, Hackney, relocated to Cleethorpes after a messy divorce.

She won’t let me put my porn on the laptop” . He’s talking about the barmaid rather than the ex, I think.

The Landlord is off so it’s DoomBar or Doom Bar, fetched from the other bar, which gives me time to admire the scarves of the big local team.

Bigger than North Ferriby, anyway

Duncan will have seem them play in the Scunthorpe League they sit proudly top of, just ahead of Limestone and The Butchers Arms.

Proper banter with a bloke who knew every pub in Clee. I only wish I could tell you the Doom Bar was another NBSS 4.5.

Not bad, but

But not every story has a perfect ending.


  1. “She won’t let me put my porn on the laptop” – maybe that’s what Humphrey’s worried about.

    Doom Bar. I think that’s the beer I’ve recently seen described as “the love child of Molson Coors and the CO2 jihadis”.

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  2. I can’t help imagining you enlivening conversation in this pub by saying, “Did you know that almost 25 per cent of Britain’s bulk rail freight traffic passes through this village?” 😉

    But now you’ve got me wondering what the true NBSS score of that Doom Bar would have been– just how dire was it?

    That laptop comment sounds like something BRAPA would have overheard. Perhaps some of his “oddball-attracting DNA” has infected you!

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  3. Good to see my home village football team doing so averagely…Scotter United forever! Never played for the football team in my youth, but I did play for the village cricket team until I emigrated to the West Midlands!

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