23rd December 2019

Oldham gets a bad press, though not on this site. It’s not helped by place names like Mumps and Grot(ton) and Austerlands.


But it’s (give or take) home to the Tand and Quosh, and has those funny red contour lines us Fenfolk don’t recognise, and Saddleworth is gorgeous.

So where better to start the last burst of pre-Christmas ticking than in a shed on an industrial estate in Greenfield ?


Well, it makes a change from Santa breakfasts at chain diners.

The Donkeystone Tap has been causing consternation among GBG tickers, with what we call “a little local licensing difficulty” forcing the Tap to close no sooner than it made its debut in the Guide.

Those issues were resolved just before Christmas, in time for my visit. Hurrah ! The opening hours in WhatPub are one for the Connoisseur (see what I did there ?)

Opening Times

Monday closed
Tuesday closed
Wednesday closed
Thursday closed
Friday closed
Saturday Midday – 6.00 pm
Sunday closed

Think it’s actually Thursday to Saturday but always best to ask your butler to phone ahead if you’re travelling from Delph.

Not a donkey

They were thrilled to be back open before Christmas, and the whole of Greenfield had tipped up with their pushchairs and pressing problems.

What a nice man

It reminded me of those Stourbridge taps with “Duck” or “Wheel” in the title, a community taphouse where folk pop along to talk about DUP appeasement rather than Untappd.

I’d enjoyed their Stout in the Ashton market, this pale one was cool and crisp, NBSS 3.5+ easy.


OK, it’s bench seating, but they played “When A Child Is Born” and you can’t argue with that…


Just up/down the road in Uppermill, things get chintzy. Canals, cobbled street and cake, plus some good family brewer beer from Robbies and Lees.

It’s Christmas

Of course, the Albion Tap is neither of those, it’s a gin bar with local cask, aimed at folk who have been on holiday in Abergele and want that same ambiance back in Lancashire (am I in Lancashire ?).

Gin O’clock

Your young after-work crowd supplemented by Old Boys at the bar drinking well-priced cask.


Ooph, more Donkeystones. Who’d resist a lovely beer with a play on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off ? Not me.

A foamy 3

All your favourite 6 Music indie as well, Charlatans and Coral but sadly no Clinic. I liked it, though I had to fight to resist the urge to climb the hill to the Cross Keys for a Moonraker.

“Shut up about the beer and music, show us the Santa video !”

13 thoughts on “DONKEYSTONES

      1. Oh yes, he’s class. It’s the hilarious recovering alcoholic ex-footballers, attempting to talk coherently whilst watching the match that drive me into the snug.


  1. We had a talk tonight at our annual CAMRA bash from Rick (or was in Rob?) from Donkeystone Brewery who was a very interesting and engaging speaker. Can’t say I’d ever had their beers before tonight, but they had two on at the venue – the Moor Club in Stockport. They have also had a long-running dispute with the local council over the licensing of their taproom.

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    1. Yes, was a bit reluctant to bring that dispute up in the blog, but understand a local complained about the noise, even though it’s well back from the road on an industrial estate and has limited hours.

      Their Stout was superb, but I suspect the beers still need turnover to achieve their potential.


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