Yes, a veritable flood of posts now that I have internet. The Ultimate Premier Inn WiFi is ultimately little better than the free version, mind.

Next up was a pub that’s been bugging me for literally decades since it became the first cooperative in 2003.


Prince Charles paid an early visit, rather more successful than his mum’s trip to Topsham in 1998 when the pork scratchings ran out. If he blogged about his pubbing I missed it.

Isolated on the map, Hesket Newmarket reminds me of isolated Devonian villages like Zeal.

The only village NOT to have had a railway station closed by Beeching.

Note the 14th century mural prophesying the arrival of BRAPA in 2020.



There’s two ways these community pubs can go. Amuse bouche or amusing boozer.

Well done, Crown.

CAMROT approved
Bench seats AND dog in way

It’s a tiny place with a cosy bar and a local legend holding court in the corner. I squash in at the table next to a family feeding their dog chips. Not triple cooked ones, either.

It’s a charming, chatty place. Will the legendary homebrew let it down?


No. Doris may be 90 but she still brews a rich, complex ale. Or something.

Local legend on the left

The local legend demanded 50p for the seats he was guarding for his mates. I should try that on our Proper Pub days out.

I want the doctor banned” he said to the Landlady. “Everytime he comes in I’m sat here drinking” .

I sense he says that every day.

Chip dog.


  1. I didn’t even know Hesket Newmarket brewery was still going, haven’t seen their beers since Bacchanalia on Victoria Road used to stock them, years ago when the birthday ale bottle had a picture of said Doris resembling Paul O’Grady

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  2. I remember when Hesket Newmarket beers first appeared – I think it was the first time I suggested a micro brewed beer tasted more like home brewed, not in a good way. The village was also the home of Eddie Stobart’s haulage company.

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  3. Local legend, or local pub bore? There’s often a fine dividing line.

    Good to see Hesket Newmarket beers on sale. I may be wrong, but I’ve a feeling Chris Bonnington was invited to either open the brewery, or was it to pull the first pint at the re-opened Old Crown?

    ps. That should be Sir Chris Bonnington, one of the UK’s finest mountaineers and expedition leaders, and someone truly worthy of such an honour!

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  4. Hi Martin, sorry I haven’t been commenting lately; the holidays have broken up my blog reading routine– how dare they!

    That photo of the Hesket Newmarket signpost makes the place look like an idyllic English village. Did you have a chance to stroll around a bit? And more importantly, have you been to the Cumberland Pencil Museum??


    1. You have holidays? What is Trump playing at?

      Hesket was idyllic, though you’ve pretty much seen the village in those photos. The little shop had bare essentials (no baked products).

      Saving the Pencil Museum for a rainy day šŸ˜‰

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