So what was I doing in Hook, you ask ? Apart from rediscovering the thrill of the tip.

I was on my way back to Southampton (again !) for more sultry South Coast small pub fun, of course.


But first, a diversion to Romsey for the annual new GBG pub that you can’t believe you haven’t visited before.

Oddly, I can only find that lone post from the never-to-be-forgortten month of May 2017. You’ll remember this chap.

Nowhere to be seen, probably facing a paternity suit

Back then I called Romseya “Hitchin of the South” before Hitchin found craftand I think that still holds.


The average age has crept up to 59.3 years, and if the WASPI women get their payout then some Romsey Women will have the cash to spend in the town’s first craft bar, whenever that is.

Future BrewDog

I followed the tiny stream west of town to the Three Tuns, a weatherboarded gem that looks a bit like a McMullens pub in Hitchin, but without cask breathers.

Tiny stream
Over-ambitious parasol
Clearly a tribute to Martin the Owl

I walked past the Three Tuns, confused by a sign with an owl on it, despite the App screaming “YOU HAVE ARRIVED !”.

I enter to half-timbered loveliness, obscured by Christmas ights.

Stuff your Christmas
How cosy are you ?

It’s just turned 3pm, so the trade is pretty much wind-down, wear a jumper Friday.

Pub Life,Hampshire

Now Simon and I have attracted some comments when we’ve whines about bar blockers before, and pubs need to adapt to their customers’ quirks, even if that does mean sitting at the bar. Or eating in front of the pumps (top).

But it’s not for me, not when there’s a fire this good.


Shame the Flack Manor was so average (2.5). Too many beers, I guess. Not that I could see them all.


  1. Do you think there were as many bar blockers in pubs back in the 80s or earlier? If the only way of knowing what beer was available used to be the pump clips, surely people would have understood to not stand in front of them.

    Then again the pubs were more likely to be heaving with custom back then, so it could well have been just as bad!


    1. I didn’t really use pubs before the 90s but I don’t think pubs were a lot different back then.

      Of course the folk brought up sitting at the bar would predate the days of half a dozen pumps and folk wanting to try different beers and similar affectations.

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  2. Bar blocking is the norm in the two main locals I use, it always has been as far back as I can remember in pubs, 1976 0nwards, I have been and sometimes still are , guilty of this, its a way of life.


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