I’m not sure what to make of this, but the two Shifnal GBG entries were squashed, kicking and screaming, into one posts while the other pubs we visited get exclusive billing.   How does that work ?

Shifnal route

Pub No. 5 rather divided opinion among our pub experts.


The Crown looks good, doesn’t it ?

Father Christmas for pub sign, owned by Wood’s, yellow light streaming out, and the, er, seventh pub of the day is always a classic, as BRAPA will attest.

Copper table, ponytail, Pink

We enter to the unmistakeable classic rock strains of Pink.

That video has been watched by more people than the number of calories I ate in Glasgow’s TimHorton last week.

It was loud. To understand how loud, turn the volume on your graphic equalizer up to 11.

Two old boys, two “youngsters” and now five pubmen pursuing a hefty range of beers.  Ten points if you can name the one far left.

First sighting of Wood’s since before this blog

Pub Curmudgeon guided the rest of the posse to an area at the rear while I bought five halves and admired Old Boy 2’s hat.

I have no idea

Three things stood out in the Crown.

  1. Complimentary chicken nuggets brought out for the kidz, BUT NOT FOR US 
  2. £10.80 for five halves.  That’s nearly a lot of money !
  3. Mudgie shouting “TURN UP THE PINK” just as it got louder
  4. The dreadful hoxatacogonal (?)  glass

Pink gave way to an even louder Rihanna who gave way to “Alison” by Elvis.

“You didn’t say Costello” said a pedant when I identified it.

If I’d been pissed it might have been great, and it’s possible the “Lad” was the best beer of the day, if my completely objective scores are to be believed (NBSS 3.5).

But will it make the Mudgie’s Best of the Year Awards ?  Ummmm.


      1. It’s not so much the works of Ms Moore that I object to as the excessive volume. Did you know that Pink is now 40? Feeling old yet?

        Although, as I said at the time, if it had been AC/DC I would have been banging my head in tune.


      2. Were you he who photographed Ed Miliband eating a bacon sandwich, and got the country into this mess, Martin?

        I think that the pump clip is a Wainwright, btw?

        Liked by 2 people

      3. Someone has to like her, apart from my youngest sister – who has seen her perform live. The music seemed to be playing solely for the “benefit” of the two youngsters sitting at the bar.

        It wasn’t clear whether they were drunk, stoned or possibly both.

        ps. No-one mentioned chicken nuggets!


    1. The music was way too loud, but it was one of the best pub sound systems in terms of audio reproduction that I’ve heard in a long while…some of us thought it was live music when we first walked in!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Pete, I was one of those who thought the pub had live music, when we first walked in. Excellent sound system, but totally out of place in pub like that.


      2. That Pink song takes me back to those long ago days when she was the fresh new face on the scene. And though I don’t like to think of myself as one who lives in the past musically, I’d have been that guy saying, “Ah, they don’t make ’em like *this* anymore” when they put on E. C.’s ‘Alison.’

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Maybe they hadn’t realised that each Shifnal pub would have its own sound system if they wanted ‘music’.


      4. Etu, if Ed Miliband hadn’t stabbed his brother David in the back, the country certainly would be in the mess it’s in now.


      5. There are all manner of small slices that you could take from that particular pie-chart, Paul, and it would have changed the centre of gravity.

        What’s done is done.


  1. When I saw the pub photograph I first thought that the pub was called ‘The Crowman’. Then a few photographs on I was convinced that it was him sat at the bar.

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