Sometimes these posts are tortuous, sometimes they require no effort at all; I know Dave can tell the difference.

Codsall Station

Our group of Beer and Pub Forum* members met outside the Codsall Station at 11.27am. Stockport Pete, Tonbridge Paul, Stirchley Pete, Stafford Paul and a retiredmartin of no obvious fixed abode. Five is plenty, as I’d say myself.

It was an emotional reunion, with pedantic discussions about whether Codsall Station was the full title and sufficient to distinguish it from the actual station immediately reignited.

At least no-one called it a Train Station today.

Two Peters and a Paul down there somewhere
A train station with beer

For many people a highlight of the day, for me a Holden’s pub to compete with their Great Western.

Last time here (pre-blog) it was a little too crowded for comfort; 11.30am is the perfect time to visit to nab the seat in front of the fire.

Actually too hot

No notes from the visit, so it must have been good.  Enjoy the photos.

Cobs/baps/rolls etc
Actually, the Mild won (NBSS 3.5)
Loo of the day

By the time we left at midday it was rammed. A gem

How would Shifnal compare ?  How would Old Mudgie cope with Pink at 120db ?


*It’s worth joining the Forum to admire Paul’s pubgoing. At very least it’ll warn you which towns to avoid before we get there on our days out.


10 thoughts on “CODSALL STATION

  1. The Holden’s Bitter in Bridgnorth’s Golden Lion was our beer of the trip last trip which is really saying something considering we spent four nights in Manchester. What a great looking pub this is. Had to be the pub of your day.

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  2. Yes, an excellent pub. If only our local family brewers could put their cask range and proper pubs at the heart of their offer like Holden’s and Batham’s do.

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    1. Do you believe it is something unique to these two families? The area? When you read their histories on their websites you definitely get a similar sense of what makes them tick.

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      1. As you will have noticed in your travels around the country, pub culture varies significantly between different areas. I think there is something special about the Black Country and surrounding areas.

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      2. I guess some family businesses are happy to maintain a decent living without seeking to expand/change tack. Holdens have put Golden Glow into the local guest beer market but I hardly ever see Bathams.

        I can think of parallels outside Brewing. Michell Engineering have been making quality turntables for 50 years without expanding or selling up. They made the futuristic HiFi in 2001 a space odyssey.

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      3. I think that comment is exactly correct. And few companies are willing to go that route. Nor does our economy seem to reward that route. Employing people and a quality product hardly seems a goal anymore.

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  3. The Holdens website tells us that “In 1997 Edwin hatched a bold and daring plan after spotting a disused railway building along with an adjacent plot of land in Codsall. After 18 months of meticulous planning and precision the widely acclaimed Codsall Station was opened in 1998, this pub stands today as a testament to the vision and passion Edwin had for two of his favourite things, beer and trains” and that was about ten years after Holdens purchased the Great Western. In December 2002 Edwin Holden sadly died aged just 57 after a short illness.
    The Great Western might be “the jewel in Holden’s crown” but Codsall Station is nearly its equal.


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