One for my craft readers now (Hi Derek), as I tip up at Chalk Farm with an hour to kill before a Mirrors All Dayer at the Roundhouse starring all your favourite alt-indie-alt stars.

Modern Music Is Rubbish etc

As always, the GBG App is your friend, highlighting with a big red marker the recommended places in the giant swathe of North West London from Regent’s Park to Highgate.


What ? Nothing at all ? There’s FIVE GBG pubs in Gorleston in a space a third that size.

What can it possibly say about beer quality in the metropolis ?

Luckily I’m part of the 72% and easily lulled by shiny brew taps like the new Camden place at Kentish Town West.

Caution Craft
Blokes on benches

I tipped up at the end of the rugger, which seemed to be the only sporting event not decided by VAR/Super Over/penalties, and had the one with” Unfiltered” and “Hazy” in the title.

NOW I notice the Off Menu IPA

My main task here is to ensure I don’t get herded onto a brewery tour, which I succeed in.

Proper London head

The Hells, which I pronounce Hell-ess to irk the purists, is really tasty, and lasts long enough for me to observe the heartwarming tears of the Springboks fan at the presentation of the tinpot trophy.

I love seeing people happy. Except Scousers
Less happy fans

Now that Camden Town are reviled by crafties, I find I like them more. Same logic as Doom Bar. And thanks to the nice barperson who chased me down the lane with my umbrella. It was to prove invaluable in E11 later.

Not much GBG action, but lovely streets en-route to Camden.


Camden Road itself was a heaving mass of humanity, drawn to the capital by the news that BRAPA was in town.

Calm down folks he’s south of the river

At Chalk Farm I swap my ticket for a wristband, hand over my spare (face value) to the lady with the St Pauli bag outside Domino’s, and decide I’m hungry.

Chalk Farm Tube. Cute


A chap outside Bite Me Burgers says “Hello !” and that’s enough for me to patronise his newish mini burger bar.

He’s by some distance the most hospitable bloke in London,and I sucumb to some more fizz from London Fields.

More craft

How’s that beer ?” says our service superstar, in between making families of Arsenal fans drinking Bloody Marys welcome and chatting with every customer.


It’s pale and fizzy, and I know I’m going to regret it when I make a dash for the Number 89 later, but for now it washes down the sliders perfectly.

Two mini burgers, sweet potato fries and a pint for about a tenner. And the service alone was worth that.

London ain’t all bad.


  1. Isn’t VAR called TMO in Rugby?

    Nice to see the all-dayers are still going at the Roundhouse. I went to one in about 1972, featuring Albert Lee amongst others as I recall.

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  2. My lad is spending a lot of time in Chalk Farm at the moment -there is a new (rich ? ) girlfriend there.As most things are on a strictly need to know basis,we have not had any interesting conversations on the fine ales & burgers in the area !

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  3. Top off-piste quaffing. Added to the list when next in London, which won’t be any time soon. I watched some of that rugby thing final and found it quite moving afterwards. Never a bad thing when the best resourced team lose in sport (imagine you may wish to exempt Manchester City from that generalisation).

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