Yes, you’re hooked now, aren’t you?

First of all, my second GBG tick in Dunkeld, which had the “Royal” in its name but was clearly relying on Inter v Borussia Dortmund to draw in the gentlefolk diners.


The bustling streets of Dunkeld

And local beers, of course.

Everyone loves those Locales

I was the only one not wearing a jumper (there was a heatwave in Scotland last week), even if not quite the only one under 60.

Tail ready to trip you up on way to the loos
Even at the bar they’re eating

It was, perversely perhaps, quite pubby. There was a banter between locals and Aussie barman that you wouldn’t get in Brunning & Price; seems he’d expected a proper city when he landed the gig in the City of Dukeld.

There was also a garden gnome with a kilt.

Always a good sign

Our Aussie hero knew his beer.

What’s our view on eating at the bar

He pulled a pint of the Strathbraan, gave it a sniff, went “Oooh, no” and promptly tipped it. In 99% of Fife GBG pubs I’d have been served that and expected to enjoy it.

What should I have then ?” I said, expecting a secret horde of Little Creatures to emerge.

Go for the King Slayer” he commanded, and it was very good indeed, a rich and fruity gem, and a rare Scottish 3.5.


Then he turned the offending pump clip round. Give that man a burgh.

Clip turned round

From my seat in the corner I could see the hustle and bustle of Dunkeld the chippie over the road.

Have I told you how much I hate Halloween decorations ?

I couldn’t see the TV though, and the entertainment mainly came from folk tripping over each others dogs.

Aren’t Scottish chip shops wonderful ?



The guy at the till deserves an Employee of the Month award for his relentless enthusiasm in serving drunks large portion of chips at 9pm, and telling me I’d made “A fine choice” in the Haggis Supper.

Which I really had, you know. The best haggis and chips North of Watford.


12 thoughts on “A HAGGIS SUPPER BY THE TAY

  1. You just know there’s an even better haggis supper waiting in Kirkwall. And the deep fried chocolatebar will be a Marathon. Possibly an original one.

    And that carpet is just so 70’s Scottish hotel.


  2. I still have never had haggis, and am curious to try it someday.

    I’d say that Aussie is in the running for RetiredMartin Barman of the Year– if only they were all like that. Barmen, I mean, not Aussies (though it certainly wouldn’t do the world any harm is all Aussies were like that). 😉

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