Where was I ?

Oh, yes, watching a brave lady valiantly clear up a pile of vomit (sorry to those of you with weak constitutions) on the 19:09 Huddersfield to Leeds “fun train” on Sunday night, wishing I’d got that Chinese takeaway and headed back to the Sunday night disco at Ivy Green.


“Has anyone got any spare newspapers to help us clear up the accident in coach B” said the man who wasn’t on his knees doing the grotty job.

“Or £20 notes. I don’t mind. Free upgrade to first class for ya”.

I was glad to reach Leeds, and it’s not often you can say that.

Two new ticks, I thought.

First I had to negotiate the exit from the station and find them .

If only the Brewery Tap had a sign in neon.


Nice clear pub sign

Like Brighton, this is a city rammed with Brew Houses, Brewery Taps and Brew Dogs.


I’d been sure I’d been to the Leeds Brewery Tap since the new GBG came out, and it hardly started life as the Frog and Vomit, did it ?


“Are you new?” I asked

Only 11..

“Ah right”

“.. years

I must have been before.

Dreaded handles

Stylish and comfortable, a nice place for a pre-train drink, but low BRAPA potential at 8pm on a Sunday. The Pale was decent but unspectacular (NBSS 3).

Half pints in handles officially OK, pints plain eveil

My other Leeds newbie was the Brunswick, which had also been nagging me for some reasons.

Only one thing for it, consult the oracle.


Yes, if in doubt consult your own blog. It was nice to dig out this photo of Si and Richard discussing Wetherby pre-emptives two years ago.

Here’s one of my favourite photos from that meet-up.

Ain’t he lovely ?

Miss you Rich


Yes, it had taken 2 years for the GBG to do what Richard guaranteed and make the Guide.

So two newbies I think I’d already done. Time for something new.

I had a vague recollection that top Beer Twit BRAPA had found a BRAN’ NEW PUB that weekend.

Trouble was, it’s not on WhatPub yet and I had to pester Si for half an hour to find it.

Ah !

It’s easy to walk past, despite being massive.


A classy place, where hipsters where waistcoats and play shuffleboard, and the Nolans are on the playlist.

Nicked off BrewDog

Head of Steam are on a roll, I loved this place, which no doubt condemns it to a GBG “Try Also”.

The barman was from Durham.

“Bishop Auckland born and bred, strong of heart (taps heart) and good in bed”

“I’m from Shildon” said the other barman, apologetically.

“I’m from Chelsea” said the barmaid.

The Strongarm was better than the beer we had on the Southworths’ last Leeds trip (NBSS 3.5)

And when I finally got back to Chopsticks, the crispy beef and Singapore rice were legendary.



  1. What’s with the ever-increasing size of the beer taps? Always keg, of course, and obscuring the sight and access to the par. Funnily, the more trendy places seem to have very discrete taps, sometimes even on the wall behind the bar.

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