Even more short posts coming up, I’m afraid, which will delight those of you who just want to see pictures of foaming pints with angry locals in the background, but frustrate the reader who wishes to read the detailed history of minor Susses towns.

Arriving back in Brighton at 4.30pm I suddenly realised I hadn’t had a pint. ALL DAY.


The Basketmakers had looked so gorgeous earlier I’d taken a lovely photo of it which I’ve now lost, so here’s one I nicked earlier.


The best pubs in the Laine(s) have the same feel as those in SE1, with the mix of suits, tourists and Trustafarians.

They also have lovely handpumps dispensing beers you’ve heard of.


Never wise to go for anything as strong as HSB early in the evening, with Mrs RM to face shortly.


So I went for the ESB. using the “What Would Paul Do ?” principle.

A couple moved from the best seat in the houuse, just as I was paying. How often does that happen ?

Proper Seating

No-one sat at the bar, interestingly. The seating round the walls is just too good.

And while the ESB was better than good, it wasn’t what imbued the pub with magic.

Scummy head

Perhaps it’s just that golden hour between 4 and 5 where pubs in cosmopolitan cities come alive, just before the food takes over a bit.

Pub life

Rarely have I heard such a variety of chat in a pub, and none of it about beer.

Which is what makes a great pub.


15 thoughts on “THE 4.45pm PINT IN THE BASKETMAKERS

  1. Recently had a very nice Chilli con carne in the Basketmakers, unfortunately I gave Dark Star Hophead yet another chance, it let me down and now no longer resembles the great beer it once was, still a nice pub though.

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  2. Don’t understand why anyone wants to talk about beer in pubs. A quick grunted “Nice drop, this” or even “Pride’s drinking well” (sorry) is enough and then on to the serious business of sport, cars, lawnmowers, the weather, cheese, Some Woman Off The Telly, your dodgy knee, pork pies…

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  3. Nice pub, the Basketmakers. I remember it from when it was a Gales’ tied house.

    I wouldn’t describe HSB as a strong beer these days. I think it’s actually weaker than the ESB you had, Martin.

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      1. I should have guessed, Martin. 😁

        Yes, anything approaching 5% was dangerous stuff in the early days of CAMRA. There’s one member I know who still won’t touch anything above 4.5%!

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