I’d scoured WhatPub for a like future Beer guide entry, and come up with the one with the word “Tap” in it.


It was either that or the West Kemptown Green Party Club, if there is such a thing.  Political clubs will be the big winners in GBG22, mark my words.

East Street Tap gives me the chance to see the pier and nearly get blown into the sea, where I would pretend I was looking for Simon’s GBG.

You can see Europe through the telescope

Mrs RM has seen the sea before, in 1997, and is more interested in strong beer and squid.

No badge for the Cwtch
Nice range

Run by Laine Pubs, most famous for the “theft” of £10.45 for a G & T in Battersea in 2016, which I will never forget.

The Tap is quite beery, the food service was closing at 7 which I can’t complain about in pubs.

Once again, tremendously cheery and hardworking staff, including a barman who was running around fetching pots of mayonnaise and VAT receipts for Mrs RM.  Yes, Mrs RM gets her Tiny Rebel on expenses.

It’s more Brewhaus than Craft, with beers you’ve heard of.  Mrs RM even gets the Gun (and later Cwtch) while I’m stuck with the house cask, which is cool and crisp (NBSS 3+).

Nice pints

It’s a bit spartan, a Work in Progress if you like, but with a plate of stodgy burger and calamari and a soundtrack of Metronomy I couldn’t knock it.  Makes a nice addition to the area closest to the sea, which feels a bit more corporate than the Laines.

Upstairs for students, downstairs for tourists, the Gents for the inevitable stickers.


Including this Bobby one I’ve seen elsewhere in Brighton. What’s it all about ?


Rarely a dud in Brighton in our experience.  But you probably knew that.



4 thoughts on “A TAP, OF SORTS, FOR BRIGHTON

  1. £10.45 for a G & T?! For that price they should be serving it in a 2-litre jug.

    You can’t beat beer and calamari. In Taiwan I used to go to the street vendors to get deep-fried squid legs with chinese basil– so good. Not sure if you can find such a thing in the UK; you certainly can’t here in the States, much to our detriment!


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