Just checking the definition of dalliance, it may not have been the best choice of word, but alliteration beats everything.

Monday dawned (only 3 days behind !), Mrs RM left for some corporate gig near Brighton station, and after a leisurely flat white and toastie I set off behind her on my own “gig”.


Stafford Paul will be horrified to see the pubs I passed and didn’t go in.

Tiling porn

It’s the third of those I regret missing out on, of course.

But if I had to revisit every good pub I pass I’d never complete the Guide, which this year brings you the Park View in Durrington-on-Sea, 30 minutes train ride and 20 minutes walk west of the chai latte stand.

“Durrington ?” you say. Isn’t that the place that Wikipedia passed by completely , bar a reference to the station as “the grimmest in the South“.


This is the main architectural feature, the Enforcement & Insolvency Service (not a craft bar).

Like “The Office” but worse

Like all of Worthing’s 1930s shopping lanes, there’s a bit of beauty hidden in there somewhere. Perhaps in the national sausage champions.

National Sausage champion

An hour between trains, so I leg it up the The Boulevard and do the 1.3 miles in 19 minutes, which gives me 22 minutes in the Park View.

“Pub & Kitchen”

The first thing I notice is a sign saying “Closed“.


Well, I would always have gone to the Public anyway, but it’s good to see a pub taking the money for a 50th birthday without alienating its septuagenarian regulars and pub tickers.

It’s a bit “modern all-rounder”, but it’ll do.

High tables

One beer, the Parliament Channel competing with Katrina & the Waves, and a barman pulled between Lounge and Public.

One other drinker, and a couple bringing their elderly dad in to look at the menu. Despite the menu containing more options than Worthing Spoons, they said “sorry” and walked out again. The lack of broccoli on menus is losing pubs billions.

Moretti gets everywhere

Actually, I then saw the blackboard offering Doom Bar from the other bar, and Gem is probably my least favoured beer after D********n. This one was first out the pumps NBSS 2.

Oh for one of those bottles of Noakes (pre-Blue Peter) Stout.


Another brisk 1.3 miles back, a lot of effort for a tick, but I’d walked off 87 calories, which I would shortly be putting back on in Chichester.


      1. And also what is listed under Worthing takes in a fair geographical area. Think Goring-on-Sea was last year for example. Can you get your team onto the micro issue? I can’t spare any of mine until the next tranche of funding comes through.


    1. Sorry that should have been “That rat-chasing dog on the old Noakes beer advert must be the original Shep.”
      “Stafford Paul will be horrified to see the pubs I passed and didn’t go in.” – yes, the Heart and Hand I last used in 1974 and Lord Nelson and Prince Albert I was in just over two months ago.


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