I spent ages trying to think of a title before this one popped up from nowhere.  Always go with the easy option, kids.

Singalong with Ray now…

From the bustle of Borough we took the quiet back streets south of the river to the South Bank.  I hope Mrs RM doesn’t dig too deep and see we walked past the Menier Chocolate Factory.


What a wondrous sight you are, South London.

Just what is that building in the centre
Big Wheel

And what an ugly but enduring thing the Southbank Centre is.

Brutalist beauty

I’d only picked Bedouine from the gig lists because Spotify said that folk who like Julia Jacklin also like her, which is a really lazy way of finding new music. And I love London visits in September with their promise of new ticks.

With her exciting back story, she had the Syrian/Saudi/Armenian/hipster fan base to nearly fill out the Queen Elizabeth Hall with her lovely folk/funk.  Mrs RM took the obligatory photo on her new phone, she’d like you to know.

Copywrite Mrs RM

At the interval I popped out to buy her ice cream and brownies.  The beer selection at the QEH was a bit underwhelming though.


At the end we walked hand in hand*, like Terry and Julie, across Hungerford Bridge, Mrs RM’s favourite.

It is beautiful, you know

We stopped at Euston because;

a) Mrs RM needed the loo

b) I needed the loo

c) I had a pub to tick at Euston

It’s only two minutes from the station” I said.

In theory.  In practice we had to crawl (metaphorically) over the ruins of the Bree Louise and a maze of HS2 to find the Exmouth Arms.

A third street corner gem of the day.

An assault course to finish

Clearly the Exmouth has picked up some Bree crowd, and it was great to see it thriving.

Not sure about the heart

Best of all,

Look ! Look !

I had about 96 seconds to neck it, enough to proclaim a third London NBSS 3.5 of the day, but much too short to do the Exmouth justice.

But long enough to claim a tick that meant I could go to bed that night having completed a second chapter of the new Guide.

Yes, the green ones

A perfect day.


*This is a lie.  I always walk ten feet ahead and make Mrs RM race to catch up with her little legs.

11 thoughts on “WATERLOO SUNSET

  1. I recognise that building in the centre as the back of Charing Cross railway station.
    Have you now finished with Waterloo so that I’ve got a chance of forgetting the horrendous karaoke version of Abba’s hit I heard while staying in Preston’s Sun recently ?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I thought The Exmouth arms was pretty good when I visited between Christmas and New Year back in 2015, half decent beer on at the time if not cutting edge, Clarkshaws Strange Brew, Moorhouse White Witch, Bath Gem and Bedlam Golden. You can stick your Plum Porter.


  3. Didn’t know the Exmouth was in the guide. Never thought much of it myself, to be honest. Why drink there when the Bree is just around the corner, I used to think. 2018, the good old days.


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