Grief, Somerset is lovely. Shame about the beer (so far).

Would I get better Butcombe on the edge of the Mendips ?


Is VAR the best invention, ever ?

Well, no. To both.

But Rickford is worth the trip, for the Masonic Lodge and ducks by the waterfall,

Or are they chickens. Hard to tell.

And what Wiki calls a gauging house.

Whatever a gauging house is

The road approach to the Plume of Feathers is via the sharpest left bend in England, so I suggest you walk, like I did. You’ve been warned.

Now, this is getting weird. That top picture reminded me of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and now I see the Plume is owned by Scrumptious Pubs Ltd, who probably don’t also own the Stile in Wolverhampton.

Picture Postcard

Two ladies come outside with a bottle of Prosecco (each), leaving me as the only customer inside the pub.

The long tables, handwritten menus and lack of beermats suggest an expected influx of diners that seemed to be biding its time coming from Cheddar.

Inappropriate bench seat
Typically enormous fifreplace

Service from the young uniformed barman was of the “Will that be all, Sir” variety.

Well, a fresher Butcombe would be nice.

2.5 and all that

He looks unperturbed as I took my half round the nooks and crannies, looking for a plant pot I might need later.

Just add custom

The middle room is expectedly “family dining“,

The table for families in waistcoats
Plastic dinosaurs
Good effort by 3 year old Florence to paint the ducks

but the back room is unexpectedly pubby, after a fashion.

World’s smallest full-size pool table
Inevitable historical tat

In the end I tipped the Butcombe in the urinal, pausing only to note some unexpectedly obscure indie being played by the barman.

But he must have noticed me typing “What’s this song called” better than Shazam on my phone as I emerged to the strains of Ariana Grande, Queen of Manchester.

I left just as the septuagenarians arrived. Never did find out what the graffiti meant.


8 thoughts on “THANK U, RICKFORD, NEXT

  1. Just waking up on this side of the pond and can only think Russ is having a lie-in because there’s a big spelling Jobbie in the last par.
    Shame the beer was poor because the pub looks great.Would a cider still constitute a tick ?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The twildcatcher bloke in that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang film is a hero. Thanks for making me think of him.

    Aside from Yeovil and the small hours in Taunton, I know very little of Somerset. I really should rectify that at some point.

    Liked by 1 person

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