No idea what it means, but one of you will.

Incidentally, I saw a version of my blog translated into German last week and it made me sound really scary.  “Schneller ! Schneller ! Setz dich !” etc  etc.

Anyway, this is Zummerzet in Zummer, so less scary than Nathan Lyon.

Except that I was on the heritage train which is what passes for public transport down here, and now Tom Irvin will ask me about 3/4 gauge and pistons.  Photos tomorrow.

Here’s a photo of Watchet from a blimp.

Weird colours

Watchet had been on my list for years, with two GBG pubs a rare luxury in Somserset and Devon. And it’s a seaside town, so potentially full of drunks.

I joined the queue for Pebbles, before this lot realised it said “Busk Stop” not “Bus Stop”.

Looks like a fairground fortune  teller’s board

Well, this is colourful.  Bit like entering the Fez in Margate but without the Best of Hall & Oates playing.

What have I walked into ?
Too much colour
Ah, I feel safe now

A  very particular sort of drinking establishment, with an unexpected cask line-up. Pumps for show, as the Tim Taylors came from the barrel.

If in doubt…

Don’t see that much round here” I said, feebly, as if I had a clue what locals drink (Thatchers mainly).

It’s a cider pub, really, but it’s always worth applying the Landlord test.

Ignoring the dreadful seats along the side I took my rather showy OS map and pint of Landlord to the table with a Bass beermat.

Bass beermats nailed to the table.

1930s show tunes, a Landlord that had clearly been settling in the cellar for more than a couple of days (NBSS 3.5, better than at GBBF) and about as good an atmosphere as pubs get, even if no-one came in and fell over.

3.5 folks

But it’s the toilet you want to see, isn’t it ?  It’s classy.


19 thoughts on “PAUVI PANI RAKLO

  1. Nearing the end of our California sojourn and there’s one peculiar Americanism I’ll be glad to see the back of.
    After about 20 minutes on the ‘phone surfing the web the local internet provider, AT&T, puts a message up along the lines of ” You’ve been on the ‘phone a long time – why not go to Zen mode,put it down and reconnect with the world.”
    Now I’m not a violent person but if I was ever introduced to the cretin who thought this was a good idea I would instantly kick him or her in the genital area and as they lay on the ground writhing in agony suggest they go into Zen mode to ignore the pain.
    It’s been a remarkably incident-free road trip for us probably because the West Coast is such a right-on and woke place and good dive bars are quite thin on the ground – it certainly doesn’t have the oddballs and drinking culture of Florida.
    But I’m holding out hope for tomorrow when our hosts have promised us a down and dirty drinking establishment run by a Chinese-Irish man.
    Mind you I like the look of Pebbles.
    That’s one for our next West Country trip.


    1. “it certainly doesn’t have the oddballs and drinking culture of Florida.”


      Just Google ‘Florida Man Meme’ 🙂



  2. And the sign over the gents ?
    Apparently Pauvi-Pani is Romany for cider apple and Raklo means lad.
    Which is probably why the beer mats are nailed down.
    Here in Ireland pubs frequented by pikeys – and there weren’t many because they were an absolute nightmare – used to nail down their metal ashtrays.

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  3. “No idea what it means, but one of you will.”

    You don’t want to know what I think it means.

    “Weird colours”

    I blame Global Warming (or is it Climate Change now?).

    “before this lot realised it said “Busk Stop” not “Bus Stop”.”

    Yes but, from the sign, maybe they thought it was part of the Underground.

    “Looks like a fairground fortune teller’s board”

    And why do they have an apple for cider but no hops for ale?

    “What have I walked into ?”

    A Casbah? A Suq?

    “Ah, I feel safe now”

    Especially as they have your name written backwards.
    (oh wait, it says ‘Martini’) 😉

    “If in doubt…”

    Go for the one conditioning in the cellar?

    “Bass beermats nailed to the table.”

    I was contemplating saying ‘nailed it!’ but…

    “But it’s the toilet you want to see, isn’t it ? It’s classy.”

    Was the toilet paper over or under? 😉


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      1. “so officially scum.”

        Is that in reference to yourself or what the tea’s like when you make it like that? 😉


  4. One of only a handful of really good ciders I had on a trip to Dunster was in Pebbles. You’d think the area would be swimming in the good stuff but it’s really no different to the East Mids, too much sickly sweet kumquat and sharon fruit dreck for my taste. Too much sweet malty under-hopped Somerset beer too mind, you struck lucky…

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  5. Did you get to the Railway in Williton, at the end of the heritage line? One of my mates from school, also called Matthew, is the landlord there.


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