I’m typing this in Fitzgeralds in Sunderland. The beer, especially for a Monday outside Uni terms, has been excellent throughout. There you go, cask saved.

Not sure about Wales, though it was doing well in Dolgellau when I visited several weeks ago. According to Google I could be there in just 12 hrs 39 minutes. Think I’ll pass.

EVERYONE had been to Dolgellau (Doll. Geth. Li). Except me.

No idea why. It’s brilliant.

Compact, quirky, unpretentious, buns.

The Old Glossop of the West. And a bit like Castletown as well.

You know I can’t resist a pub with an original Carling Black Label sign. Can you still get it? Probably in Goole.

I entered the Torrent Walk through the wrong door, a speciality of mine, but no one told me off.

Proper seating alert.

Ok, a bit old folk but…

Monday lunchtime, when most Welsh pubs are either closed or accepting diners only, and here were Professional Drinkers, alongside folk enquiring about “Build-a-Burger”.

Ooh look.

No, you’re wrong. I went for the Porth IPA, a cool, crisp 3.5.

My notes say “West Indies v Cheesecake”. Now, cheesecake aren’t a country, so it’s either a song or a food order competing for attention with the Universe Boss XI, who lost, I think.

I could have stayed there all day, if I’m honest.

But I had to drive Duncan round Bass pubs later.

19 thoughts on “A TORRENT OF DOLGELLAU

      1. I remember in the early 1970s “thimble” being the name of a straight sided handleless half pint glass, but maybe only localised to where I grew up. .


  1. I was intrigued by the “hyni buns” so I Googled, and found no clear explanation, which was a pleasure in a way, as it meant that there are still things particular enough that even Google can’t dispel the mystery!

    When people are pleased with the ‘Welsh Pride’, do they say “The Pride’s drinking well”? 😉

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  2. “Compact, quirky, unpretentious, buns.”

    Over here, ‘hyni buns’ would be considered repetition. 🙂

    “Can you still get it? ”

    Is it Carling Cold or some such now?

    “Ooh look.”


    “No, you’re wrong. I went for the Porth IPA, a cool, crisp 3.5.”


    “My notes say “West Indies v Cheesecake””

    Is that the cricket version of lingerie football?

    “I could have stayed there all day, if I’m honest.”

    And would’ve gone for the Plum Porter next I’m guessing. 😉

    “But I had to drive Duncan round Bass pubs later.”

    Oooh. Is that dredging up painful memories?


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      1. Through Machynlleth is the only way I’d ever get to Barmouth as I would never consider driving that far.


  3. Well, that’s certainly a pub that hasn’t had any kind of corporate makeover.

    Judging by the large modern pool room with the posing tables at the back it must get considerably more lively on Friday and Saturday nights!

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      1. Dunno, the Stag looked pretty basic – I went in there many years ago when it was a Burtonwood pub. The Torrent Walk has a touch of faded grandeur about it.

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