Richard loved West Dorset, and CAMRA magazines, so this next post is for him. Quite what he’d have made of the Rose & Crown in Longburton I can only guess.

The village is strung out along the A352 on its meandering way down toward the Cerne Abbas Giant, a giant who clearly drank Draught Bass.

Church, attractive village artwork and equally straggly pub, side by side.

Everyone was dining. It felt like one of those chintzy gastros you get in posh Lancashire.

Nothing wrong with that, as long as the drinker is welcome and given a nice Laura Ashley armchair to rest in.

Of course Richard woul love the range of (mainly strong) beers you’ve never heard of.

and the high quality floral presentation at the bar.

The music was desperately naff pop, the bants was desperately dull domestic disputes, and the Shield Wall bobbed along in a chilled, thin, unconvincing manner at NBSS 2.5.

“Shudda gone to the brewery tap in Lyme Regis

I can hear Richard saying. And he’s right, of course. But then Richard was never a ticker, he enjoyed his pubs.

11 thoughts on “GIANT DONGLE

  1. My Dad’s local for some years in the 50’s. When I was cutting my drinking teeth it was still owned by Them Up At The Manor. Remained a real village local full of old boys mostly drinking cider into the 70s – with, ISTR, bonkers restrictions on ‘official’ opening times, either because Them Up At The Manor had temperance inclinations, or simply because they liked lording it over the peasantry, don’t recall which now. Thankfully the various landlords/ladies and locals took very little notice of Them Up At The Manor – there was a back door.

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  2. “Quite what heโ€™d have made of the Rose & Crown in Longburton I can only guess.”

    Mayhap he would have sniffed that it doesn’t hold a candle to the Rose and Crown his parents ran in Ingbirchworth. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “down toward the Cerne Abbas Giant”

    Ah. Hence the play on words on the CAMRA magazine; giant dongle. ๐Ÿ™‚

    “attractive village artwork”


    “and given a nice Laura Ashley armchair to rest in.”

    As opposed to the Ashley Furniture over here.

    “Of course Richard woul love the range of (mainly strong) beers youโ€™ve never heard of.”

    Did you have the Watercress Warrior? Apparently it’s supposed to increase your sex drive.

    “and the Shield Wall bobbed along in a chilled, thin, unconvincing manner at NBSS 2.5.”

    Shoulda had the Watercress. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “he enjoyed his pubs”



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  3. Pie-Tin’s third golden rule is try not to go ape-shit on the first day of your holiday.
    Naturally I always break it.
    Even before we went out for dinner I’d done most of a bottle of Ouzo by the pool.
    Much of our first evening is a blur after that but apparently we didn’t disgrace ourselves over a couple of bottles of house red and a few Johnny Walker nightcaps back at the ranch.
    So today was mostly rehab by the pool.
    And a bit of a tumble on the way into town for dinner tonight which may or may not have done some damage to my drinking hand.
    It’s swollen up like ripe melon but nothing is clicking when I flex it so I think we may be okay.
    But the highlight of the day was Eric.
    Rotund.Mid-fifties.Bleached blond Mohican with matching goatee.Hawaiin shirt.A bad tattoo of Paul Weller on his right ankle. Wearing bright yellow patent leather moccassins without socks and with a broad Yorkshire accent only normally heard on Rugby League television commentary.
    I instantly liked Eric the moment I saw him – a man who clearly couldn’t give a toss what anyone thought.
    He lays Tarmac for a living.
    And a very good living by all accounts.
    Eric is a man of few words. And most of them begin with f.
    Mrs PP-T and I both agree Eric and his long-suffering wife are going to be good chums for the week that’s in it.

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    1. You can tell him that Paul Weller was OK last night, if spoiled – like so many concerts – by unspeakable PA sound, Prof.

      We can’t knock it though. It’s progress.


  4. Ironic that Richard was so fond of West Dorset (which is a lovely part of the world) when Palmer’s ales were anathema to him ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. He was very fond of the homebrew popping up down there.
      Palmers is very hit and miss depending on turnover and enthusiasm of the Labdlord.
      It’s taken me till now to really appreciate the West Dorset scenery fully.


      1. Sadly my old stomping ground of Tisbury is down to two pubs now.
        The Boot and The Bennett
        But a wine bar has opened up.
        For the pashmina weekend crowd.


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