Yes, I know the Sun is a cracker too, but I need that blog title. And you know how much Mr Coldwell loves pics of Tetley Bitter.


Pickering hasn’t wowed me on a trio of visits, seeming like a waiting for room for the cemetery Steam Railway to Heartbeat country. A dreadful Guest House 20-odd years ago didn’t help.

But perhaps I judged it too harshly.

Tree-lined streets
Floral displays
Solid church

Yeah. Bit dull, but the coachloads lap up the dullness and tray bakes.

Good new GBG pub, though.

Bay Horse

It’s a rambling three-roomer, one of them up some steps that creak excitingly.

I go left, then hear laughter on the right. Oh well.

Foamy Tetley

It’s Tetley or Bradfield, a good choice, if an unlikely one for a new GBG entry in 2019. Tets wins since the rave reviews from the Buxton Swan.

It’s cool, foamy and tasty, a solid NBSS 3 but Richard wouldn’t be convinced.

Never mind the beer, look at the seating in the Cromwell room.

Beermats were brought out while I was there

I was treated to a country and western version of Bridge over Troubled Waters and a normal version of Brothers in Arms. Dire Straits are ubiquitous up here.

By 11.30 there’s a decent crowd of blokes in their 30s, whose grandfathers are captured in the pictures in the upstairs snooker room.


And that sadly is all I can tell you before my 30 minute Free Travelodge WiFi runs out. I’m not made of money you know.


23 thoughts on “THE PICK OF PICKERING

  1. I don’t mind a pint of Farmers Bland, if its decently kept, but just how a pub selling Tetleys as one of its two beers gets in GBG defies belief. I suppose the argument will go that it’s in top form, but like the old adage goes, you can’t polish a turd.


    1. You would most likely have commented more favourably had you joined us for a pint of Tetley’s in the Swan, Buxton seven weeks ago.

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  2. Is that the Cromwell Room or the Coldwell Room ?

    I don’t think I’ve been to Pickering since while staying at the GBG listed Bay Hotel in Robin Hoods Bay on our honeymoon

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  3. “Beermats were brought out while I was there” –I’m sure this is evidence that you were recognized, and that there were hushed-but-urgent words in the back room. “That’s Retired Martin out there! Get some beermats on the table, you idiot, we’ve got to make a good impression!!” 😉


  4. “Yes, I know the Sun is a cracker too”

    I believe I mentioned something to that effect a few posts earlier.

    “Tree-lined streets”

    Crickey. You’re easily pleased.

    “I go left, then hear laughter on the right. Oh well.”

    They were laughing at you going left. 🙂


    Beams? It practically grins at you!

    “Beermats were brought out while I was there”

    Obviously they’d heard about you spilling that lager in York. 🙂

    “whose grandfathers are captured in the pictures in the upstairs snooker room.”

    I take it from that picture that gender fluidity has made its presence known up there?

    “I’m not made of money you know.”

    Snips and snails and puppy dog tails my boy. 😉


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