The definitive version

Part 2 of BRAPA in the Amber Valley, and my chance to impress me with your musical knowledge.

Amber Valley

Stop C (where A was the quiche place in Belper) is the award-winning White Hart in Bargate, star of my own blog a mere 14 months ago.

It would have been walkable from the Black Bull’s Head, you know.


it’s not the beer obscurity that pulls in a full house of mature drinkers on a Saturday evening”  I wrote in 2018.

Quieter on a Saturday lunch session than back then, but it makes up in quality of drinker anything it lacked in quantity.  To be fair, I’d warned them Si was coming.

Mark decks a pint. Flagstones

BRAPA didn’t warm to this as much as local CAMRA have, and it’s certainly not such an obvious stunner as the one coming up next, but me telling him he’d be lynched for choosing the Hardy & Hanson didn’t help.  Mark ignored me wisely.

Local looks contemptuously at “Greedy King” beer (h/t Notts CAMRA)

Their pints looked great; I realised I was in for a long afternoon as DES. The barmaid kindly found me an alternative to water.

Nice pie, anyway

I should have had a pint of water. Fizzy rubbish*.  And I love Thornbridge cask.

As you’ll see, I had my wholesome lunch here.  Somehow, a lovely pie, two pints and a craft “beer” cost me under a tenner.

We played “Name the record on the wall“.  I won.

Underrated.  Great contribution from Cher.
Lemmy sings Girlschool

No idea about this one. Is it a hipster record ?


Next up, the Holly Bush.


*All non-alcoholic beer is pointless, isn’t it.  Apart from the Brew Dog sour.

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