You go two years without a New Mills post and then you get two in a day !

I like to think you get the truth on this blog, dear reader.  Perhaps not quite as candidly as young BRAPA, but even so.  I await his Amber Valley Palma Violets post with interest.

In a nutshell, I blamed Charles for missing the train to Chapel-en-le-Frith. And it was my fault. I took the wrong turn on the millennium walkway and ended up back where we started, rather than just north of the A6015 in New Mills’s cobbled streets.


But still, we got to see Torr Mills from the best view in industrial Derbyshire.

Torr ! what a cracker
That would make a great micro/Brewhouse & Kitchen/pashmina shop

So we had 20 minutes to kill.  Just enough time to seek out a potential future GBG entry in the Masons Arms.

Grief, isn’t New Mills steep ? It’s no wonder posh people prefer Poynton.

Pre-emptive ?

By the time we got there my Google Maps distance calculator was telling me we had 22 minutes till the train, an 18 minute walk down the hill.


Four minutes to nip in, dither at the bar, wonder how I’d avoid the City v Spurs Champs League match for the next two hours,

Spoiler : We lose, but win

and have the Silk of Amnesia again.

Yes, definitely preemptive potential

Two gulps for me, two for Charles, pretty good, but I couldn’t make a living ticking like that.

Chapel-en-le-Frith would be more leisurely, we said as we caught the train with 45 seconds to spare.


  1. There’s nowhere like New Mills – three railway lines, a proper canal, the A6 trunk road between London and Carlisle, a 70 foot deep ravine, a sweet factory and a stronghold of Methodism.

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      1. But most towns are known for a Victorian brewery that lasted until between the wars, yet I’ve not heard of one in New Mills.

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      2. I’m not gunning for John Wesley. What he said about the Ridings of Yorkshire and Halifax nails it IMO, Paul! You may well have a point about New Mills too.

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      3. The ex-chapel seating, found in some Brains pubs, does ensure that there’s little chance of settling down and nodding off, certainly, Paul.

        Whether that’s “better” would be a matter of opinion.

        I’d burn the blasted stuff.

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      4. I find that ex-chapel seating found in some Brains pubs to be more comfortable than a cushion on top of an empty keg.

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      5. Touché!

        TBH I don’t generally use micro pubs unless there’s nothing else half-decent.

        So my comparison, off-point as it was, was with other Proper Pub seating.

        We can revisit “proper” another day maybe 😉

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      6. Etu,
        You don’t generally use micro pubs unless there’s nothing else half-decent and for many others they can probably be something of a distress purchase.

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      7. Etu,
        I think I read on this site about a proper chapel theme pub somewhere, not just ex-chapel seating but ex-chapel coat pegs etc.


  2. “Perhaps not quite as candidly as young BRAPA” –Well, both of you are known to recount visits to the loo, but yes I’m pretty sure it’s only Simon who goes into detail on the bodily functions. 😉


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