That last post was a struggle.  The best pub experiences are almost impossible to describe. That’s why I’ve never written about the Dead Poets Inn or Halcyon Quest, and possibly never will do.

Reading back, I see I may have been a bit rude about micropubs. But Monk is tinier than the average micro, so it’s not the number of rooms that matters.

Let’s see if I can be nice about the three micros along the A6 to Stockport, shall we (Spoiler : No).

Paul’s marvellous map

The plan was to take the train to Disley, in darkest Cheshire, then catch trains back to New Mills and Chapel before being arrested for “breaking journeys on Wednesdays” or something.

Those goldfish bowls on Bing Map shows what Malt Disley is best known for.


Paul joined us in Malt, unable to contain his mirth at such a witty play on words  (“Jalt Dispey was a full-back for nearby Stockport County in the 1930s“).

Aren’t micropub names brilliant ?

And aren’t their frontages distinctive ?

Only walked past it twice

Two upstanding young couples, and a well dressed Old Boy with a huge glass of wine sitting at the bar.  He eyed Charles with suspicion, as well he might.

Paul asked for a beer that wasn’t too Citra like or something.  Quite why it wasn’t obvious what the beers contained from the pumpclips I’ll never know.

Gotta love an electronic beer board
The Punk IPA is the only one I’d heard of

Some will say cosy, some will say Ugggh, some will see only the Daily Express with it’s tales of impending ice age/heatwave/earthquake in Disley.

I see only cushions
I’ve heard of them

Despite playing “Theme from Shaft” and the beer being OK(2.5), we couldn’t warm to it.

Already, these modern town centre micros that specialise in gins and flavoured ciders look like a chain, something Monk never could.

Classy but oddly corporate

Paul suddenly realised he’d completed his 10 hour drinking day, and that the next two GBG ticks would be more of the same, so hotfooted it back to the station.

Charles and I hit the towpath into New Mills.(Handy for the hills etc).


25 thoughts on “MICKEY MOUSE

  1. “The best pub experiences are almost impossible to describe. ”

    That actually makes a lot of sense. In the best pubs you’re too busy enjoying yourself to take the time to write it down. It’s in the crap pubs where one has loads of time to write about the awful experience. 🙂

    “Paul’s marvellous map”

    It’s right up there with BRAPA’s scribblings. 😉

    “Aren’t micropub names brilliant ?”

    I believe it’s called a ‘hook’. 🙂

    “Only walked past it twice”

    Pretty sure Google Maps would have said ‘you are here’, or some such.

    “Gotta love an electronic beer board”

    I love how the witty name for the Helles Lager is… Lager.

    “The Punk IPA is the only one I’d heard of”

    Consider me “punk’d”.

    “I’ve heard of them”

    You moved the paper to take that shot.

    “Paul suddenly realised he’d completed his 10 hour drinking day,”

    Is that a daily thing with him? 😉


    PS – “with it’s tales of impending ice age”

    *cough* apostrophe


  2. Yes, I would have liked the canal side walk but was weary by then.
    I was though in New Mills five days later for the Rock Tavern, built on the edge of the seventy foot deep gorge, and Royal Oak, just beyond a poky looking ‘Beer Shed’.

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    1. I know you would have enjoyed it Paul. You’d had a long day. I really struggle if I don’t stretch my legs regularly during the day. main reason I packed office jobs in when computers meant you didn’t have to deliver messages in person any more.


      1. Yes, I understand.
        I’m thankful that that my last ever job, from 2007 to 2017, involved stretching my legs in the countryside all day long, except that it wore out my knees but you won’t want to hear about them.

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  3. Okay,so yesterday Mrs PP-T and I started the new regime.
    It’s a well-trodden path.
    I go to Aldi’s and buy lots of healthy green stuff,Mrs PP-T gives up the fags AGAIN and prepares two healthy salads for tea.
    The dog gets an extra long walk which deliberately makes an incursion into the 5’o’clock Club time.
    By 6’o’clock the resolve weakens – ” I’m just nipping out for a fast quart. I’ll be home in time for that lovely salad and to watch the Scousers get hammered by Messi.”
    Two morphs into half a gallon over a spirited discussion with the locals over a united Ireland. Surprisingly for the only Brit in the bar I’m keen on it to get rid of the infernal province once and for all but the Paddies to a man don’t want it for exactly the same reason.
    As usual Mrs PP-T’s nicotine abstinence brings a sugar craving and an urgent What’sApp message – ” Don’t come home without a Turkish Delight,Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut,a Twirl and two Creme Eggs.”
    And this is on top of the packets of Haribo Wine Gums and Cola Bottles I always get for her in this situation.
    Arriving home having developed a taste and keen to avoid Mrs PP-T’s nicotene-less and unusual crankiness I adjourn to the nearby tennis club to watch the first half of the Liverpool annihilation and enjoy their wonderful Murphy’s.
    What a game.What another half gallon.What a port chaser with each.
    The coast is clear when I merrily stroll home.
    Fried egg on toast hits the spot.With a Cadbury’s Cream Egg for dessert.
    A single nice salad lies in the fridge.
    And today is another day.
    This time I’ll stick to it.
    Mind you,Ajax v Spurs is on BT which we don’t have.
    But the tennis club do ….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. P P-T,
      Now there’s a coincidence.
      Mrs TSM also likes chocolate and cola.
      I don’t bother with either except that Oddfellows Chocolate of Burton on Trent does a few good ones including
      Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Milk Chocolate
      Cracked Black Pepper Dark Chocolate
      Dark Chocolate coated roasted coffee beans
      Ebony Chocolate Buttons 100% cocoa [ Ebony cocoa mass the absolute cocoa experience 100% cocoa content. Bitter cocoa aftertaste that gets you hooked, a must for the chocolate connoisseur ]

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I only ever really crave chocolate if I give up alcohol.
        So obviously not very often.
        By the way re the Liverpool v Barca game here’s a piece of peerless sports writing.
        Not a think piece cogitated and crafted over.
        But knocked out in a few minutes after the game in the Anfield press box with a deadline looming.
        I hate his cricket stuff but this is superlative writing by Jonathan Liew.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. He’s actually not a bad driver, now that he’s in his twenties, Martin.

        However, he treated having 100% cocoa chocolate in his mouth back then as a Medical Emergency, and spat it in all directions. Can’t remember quite how old he was TBH.

        Mrs. E did well not to crash though, and to restrain herself generally.

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    2. I’ll be glad when the football season is over. In Manchester on Tuesday I was a wreck before and during the game and then have to put up with the “entitled” ones in overdrive last night.


      1. But what a summer of cricket in store.
        World Cup and the Ashes.
        AND I’ve just booked up South Africa for the winter tour as a surprise for my cricket-mad kids.
        Christmas in Cape Town.
        And the Greek villa booked for the Euros next summer.
        I can hardly afford to drink for the rest of the year ….

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  4. Paul got some grief on my blog for complaining about the lack of non-citrusy beers in Malt Disley, and for suggesting the name was an Americanism 😉

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    1. “77 IPA – ENGLISH . 4.9% ABV” – ‘that one might not be citrusy’ I naively thought.
      I had to wash my mouth out with half of Unicorn across the road in the Dandy Cock !

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  5. That Prosecco sign is awful -I am actually embarrassed to be seen drinking it these days (although I do still partake on occasion when I can’t face any more wine ) A nice Cremant or Cava is what I prefer ,in the absence of proper Champagne of course !

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  6. Post codes on beer black boards, and I thought I seen all the micros had to offer but accurate postal addresses is next level.

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