Another real ale-free” issue to confuse our American readers, but you’ll live.  And I needed to do Dudley justice with a clear head.

Actually, I had a bit of a sleepless night in the Station.  I was sure I heard wild animals at the window, and I seemed to be alone in the hotel.


It could have been the Weight Watchers making that noise (I know you’re not allowed to call them that these days), but the explanation became apparent as I walked past one of Dudley’s many tourist attractions;


Dudley isn’t genteel, and the shopping has been decimated by Merry Hill, but it does still have some of the grandeur of a county town.

You could be in Rome, except with £2 pints.

I’d walked most of Duncan Edwards Way the night before, but missed the wonderful statue in the market place.

Flowers of Manchester

No idea about the gent below, but as he’s pointing to a book advertising “opening at three” I presume it’s Pubmeister checking GBG opening times.

Nice hat

As usual, look up to see the very best of Dudley.


The town redesign programme has some way to go though.

Oh !

Of course, to get a real sense of a place you need to visit the local Spoons at 10am.

Classic ’90s Spoons

Architecturally, one for the Spoons purist. The mid-90s Moon-themed name is a giveaway.

One of the quieter Tim emporia, I’m afraid. Which may explain why it’s no longer in the Guide. Carling needs plenty of turnover to be at its best.

Where is everyone ?

Not sure why I’m showing you the pumps, since I was flat-whiting, but interesting to see the guests costing 16p more than in Scotland. That £2 a pint barrier must not be broken.

Rare sighting of Nelson Brewery

But how was the Miner’s Benedict ?”  you ask.

The greatest invention since the autovac

As good as ever.

I don’t know if I have warm blood, but everyone else in the Full Moon seemed to be wering a duffle coat despite the warmth.

Black Country fashionista

Not a single pint of cask cold between 10:00 and 10:27.  It’s a tragedy, I tell ya.

8 thoughts on “DUDLEY & DUNCAN

  1. It’s not cold in Dudley so the duffle coats might have been a fashion statement.
    “Not a single pint of cask cold between 10:00 and 10:27am” – yes, waiting for someone else to order the first pint so that the Abbot might be drinking well by the time they buy one.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Paul often has his sleeves rolled up in the pictures I see of him.
        With a stern-jawed determined look that brooks no nonsense.
        A Staffs Bulldog of the beer world.
        I’m sure beneath the flinty exterior beats the heart of a kindly soul – especially on his third pint before lunchtime.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Paul is indeed a kindly soul. Though on the only occasion I’ve met him for breakfast he was getting mighty irritable that Manchester’s Lost Dene wasn’t open before 10.30am.


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