Next up an exciting yomp from Stockton up to Norton, which is definitely NOT a suburb of your new favourite Durham town. However much it looks like one on the Navigator.

Classy colouring

Sheer suburbia between the two towns, though I do fancy the building below as a future micropub accessible only by scaling the fence.

Proper tower

It took me longer to find Hydes Bar than to walk there.

Rare open micropub

I walked past it twice, confused by this sign which clearly indicates hours well beyond the permitted [16:00-21:00 Thr-Sat] for proper micro pubs.


It also has a cute garden, again verboten under Herne Para 5:2.

Burial ground for folk asking for tasters

There’s been a vigorous debate about micropubs on the official CAMRA Forum this week.  Not “Are they a good thing ?” but is it “micropub, micro-pub or micro pub“.

It’s a pub.

You can buy beer, the local one and the one made in Wolves (or is it Burton ?).

A fruity 61 Deep a rare treat in a micro pub (NBSS 3)

You can watch daytime TV or chat to the barmaid.

Cosy enough

And you can admire ’70s humour at its very finest.

Never made me laugh, to be fair

No other pubbers on Friday lunchtime so I did what I always do and enjoyed scrutinising the signs on the toilet door without anyone to disturb me.

Read them all

NB The “caught-short box” isn’t what I thought it was.  You have to send an SAE to Tena to get one of those.


17 thoughts on “A NORTON PIONEER

  1. Wide range of cider there (often the case in micropubs); makes me wonder what sort of state it’s in, as so few people seem to drink it. We hear a lot about low turnover making real ale a gamble, but “real” cider must be far worse.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good point. Meant to comment on the cider. Go down to Worthing and all the micros seem to have a half dozen bag in boxes of weird favoured stuff behind the bar. Does the micro owner drink them when after hours?


      1. A quick Google suggests that bag-in-box cider will last for a month after being broached, so the turnover issue isn’t anywhere near as acute as with cask beer.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. “…bag-in-box cider will last for a month after being broached” – that’s rather what I expected. I suppose unlike “real ale” there’s no strict definition of “real cider”; it’s like “craft beer” – anything that isn’t a big brand.


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