Short posts for a while, getting seriously behind and Aberdeen will make it worse.

On to my penultimate East Sussex pub, and thankfully back to a traditional name after all those silly Red Lions and Five Bells.


I can assure Mark Crilley this is the only Lion and Lobster in the UK, so I now emulate Cathy Price in doing all the pubs of a particular name. I can be the Lobster Priest, like in a Fall song,

This one is just on the edge of nighttime Brighton, away from the chain pubs in the Lane and seeming like a real find among the back streets with their Bristol-emulating graffiti,


It’s very dark, and very busy, and very red.   I think about a very quick half, but the music is so good I nabbed a seat at the bar.  Jazz and sitting at the bar are two things you don’t expect from me.


Beer fusspots will want to know they had two Dark Stars, a Long Man and Harvey’s, which is what I went for.

It wasn’t great, but the pub somehow was,  Big smiles, children, jazz aficionados eating salads at the bar, not a pashmina in sight.

So good that I stopped for a better half, Long Man I think, expertly decanted into the pint glass.


As they say, Niiiice.


11 thoughts on “ALL THAT JAZZ

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Martin! I am tempted to open a pub called The Lion and Lobster in the Shetland Islands just to make things difficult for you. 🙂

    This “sitting at the bar” thing has got me wondering if someone has hacked into your blog, though. I thought such behavior contravened some sort of blood oath you’d sworn years ago…

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      1. Does happen in some places Paul and it is selfish. Who do you blame? The people sat there or the licensee for putting too many bar stools around too small a counter. Personally I blame the licensee, no stools no congestion. As in life generally, you get what you wish for and if you wish to have a congested bar then a lot of people are deterred.

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