I’m not really one for revisiting “Classic Pubs”, what with needing to do 600 new ones a year to finish the Beer Guide and all, but it’s been surprisingly rewarding doing a few oldies with the Beer & Pubs gang of late.

The Lion in Liverpool’s business district has been on my “Must Do Again” list for a while, since its troubles with Heineken and a positive write-up from Tandleman , I guess.  Worth a read to marvel at tales of a proper Tand session.

Follow the blue dots from the Crown to the Lion, stopping at nothing, not even traffic.


I’ve read some comments about the state of the commercial district; hard to judge on a Sunday when Liverpool One looked busy enough.  Glorious architecture, of course.


I have this in my Top 100 (No.257) based on two previous visits where you could hardly stand, let alone sit.  And packed with the whole gamut of Scousley life, not suits.

How could you walk past ?

We were first in, giving a rare opportunity to see it without those horrible people who get in the way in pub photos (joking).


I can admire the tiling blah blah blah, but it’s the welcome I’ll remember.

Chatty, candid, enthusiastic; I could have listened to his stories of life as a publican all day.

And a range of beers to warm the heart.

List actually the same as what was on the board !
Yes, it’s my Otter

We’d picked the one Sunday from August to May without an Anfield or Goodison fixture, and it was clear the Lion was looking forward to the visit of Bayern for some German drinking custom.

I’m sure they’ll appreciate the photo from the Cup Winners Cup Semi-Final of 1985.


Paul’s face reveals his NBSS score for the Golden Glow in visual form (or perhaps it was the high stool); my Otter was decent (NBSS 3) but not a patch on the Lees Bitter of old.  The only other customer had a lager, but was otherwise perfectly normal.

That pint glass looks small, doesn’t it ?

But I loved the pub as much as ever.

A classic jukebox with no obvious Mumford & Sons infiltration.

“What Made Milwaukee”  ???

And a pork pie (not shown) that I resisted.

And more pub porn.


The Tand stayed here for more than five hours last year; I can see why.

Your proper seating

We stayed 40 minutes, then set off for the Phil.

36 thoughts on “LISTEN TO THE LION

  1. “Stately”

    That reminds me of the opening scene from Monty Python’s ‘The Meaning of Life’ (the Crimson Assurance bit). 🙂

    “I have this in my Top 100 (No.257)”

    I see math isn’t your strong suit. 😉

    “not suits.”

    See above. 🙂


    Are we sure this isn’t a converted church?

    “And a range of beers to warm the heart.”

    I think it’s a bit scary that I actually know most of those (from you lot).

    “Paul’s face reveals his NBSS score for the Golden Glow in visual form”

    One sip was all it took.

    ““What Made Milwaukee” ???”

    Crikey. That’s a new one on me (and, apparently, was from the half hour he was into country music).


    PS – It would appear no comments are allowed on your ‘Paul Wears the Crown’ post.


      1. So I’ll comment here – a bit late ;

        Yes, but that itinerary for the local CAMRA branch trip the previous day with “The Crown” isn’t on it.
        Or “The Phil” followed deliberations including “At some point maybe pop in to the Philharmonic for a wee!”. Me pointing out that “The toilets are nothing compared to the main rooms of ‘the most ornate pub in England’” was an irrelevance as they were seeking interesting beers not interesting pubs – just as I did in my misspent youth.

        I had though opined that “Liverpool is a terrible choice for a branch trip as that city has far, far too many good pubs to be done in a day !” and explained that “I shall therefore be staying the night with two days hopefully meaning that I won’t miss too many of Liverpool’s really good pubs”, hence my most pleasant few hours with Martin on the Sunday.

        Liked by 3 people

      2. “I’ve found the button that allows comments on the Crown post now.”

        I’ve made a note to make that my first post to read tomorrow after managing the lunch truck, shopping, and calling my sainted mother.


    1. Paul can reply, but I think it was just because we were the only customers and engaged in some lengthy and lively discussions about pub chains with the licensee and then the other customer in that bar area (which is pretty much standing room only in the evenings).


    2. High stools were the only seating in the main room with the handpumps licensee and other customer.
      I hadn’t seen the inviting bench seating in the back room.
      You well know that I’m seriously doleful perched on a high stool but merely curmudgeonly using proper seating.

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  2. Some beautiful pubs in Liverpool. I’ve been to both the Lion and the Crown, amongst many. I wish I could have gone to Liverpool in its glory years, before mass deprivation and steel and glass regeneration of once beautiful parts of the city.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed, Morten. My first visits weren’t until ’93/94 when the city was on its downers, pubs apart. I actually reckon the steel and glass regeneration (mainly Liverpool ONE) is confined to a fairly small area so not TOO bad !


  3. Can’t remember last time I went in there, happy days!

    Liverpool 1, from what I can see is one of the problems with the city centre . Essentially they’ve put all their eggs into one basket and moved the bustle of the city towards the Pier Head (remember him from the Higson’s character beer mats?), effectively leaving a tatty vacuum between Ranelagh St and The St Johns centre where the main throng was. And don’t get me started on Renshaw Street??


    1. Yes, Pierre Head alongside Albert Dock, Ann Field, Clayton Square, Count Erode, Gwladys Street, Kirk Dale, Otto Spool, Phil O’Monie, Birk ‘n Head and many more,

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I don’t let Mrs TSM near my beer and pub archive !
        Lord Street and Birk ‘n Head are the two I remember best.
        A long established brewer with its own identity really made a city back them.
        I had a nice two days in Liverpool recently but no longer can you return home with a memory like that.

        Liked by 1 person

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