Here we go then, the final stretch of Dorset 2018.

Day 5 for BRAPA, Day 3 for retiredmartin.

The most anticipated tick of the day, the brewery tap on a converted stables. Like a micro pub, but with homebrew !  What’s not to like !

That way


The WiFi ran out on entering the mythical city of Cranborne, where the Sixpenny Tap had moved in search of bright lights and less complaints from farm animals. Simon wasn’t much help by this point, but I feared an attack from Martin the Owl if I gave up.

Luckily I headed for a farm and struck lucky, if that’s the word.

Two bars ?

No doubt the outside bar will appear, Lady of Mann like, as a separate entry called the The Joy of Sixpenny next year, open only when it rains.

More special treatment for your canine friends, I see.

6d Woof

Inside it was a micro pub bingo wet dream.

  • Hops from the ceiling
  • Locals hiding the handpumps
  • A bloke in a Norton jacket
Nice floor though

But it gets better.Look at these classic handpumps.

Why can’t all pumpclips be this simple ?

Classic anti-lager humour, but cider ?

Foamy head on the pint

But then again, how often have you seen a billiards table in a Thanet micro ?

Unfathomable game

That table was taking up half the room, and with nowhere to sit we were getting a bit grumpy about life.

But then we saw a spare table in the corner, the billiard blokes said “Help yourself to the cheese, lads” and the whole feel of the place changed instantly.  We felt welcome.

Then Martin the Owl spotted the old Beer Guides.

The bibulous Mr. Roger Protz
Stafford memories for Paul Mudge

I asked Si if he recognised the painting below.

Rare Bass in micro shocker

But halfway into Pint 6 he was struggling with distinguishing his Manet from his Modigliani.

The billiards table then became home for chess, cheese and pickles. We settled for cheese, possibly getting back the price of the pint in free scran.

Getting better by the moment

Just to put the icing on the micro cake, the evening entertainment then turned up unannounced.  It’s possible they’d mistook the Tap for the Sheaf of Arrows in the village square, but I wasn’t going to tell them.

The (short) video tells you all you need to know.Listen out for our star of radio right at the start.

I think it was their re-interpretation of “Summer of ’69”.

Job done, I delivered BRAPA back to the bus stop in Wimborne, still muttering about some pre-emptive micro before bedtime.



  1. If a Bar Billiards table “was taking up half the room” a pool table would have filled it.

    Ah, yes, 1980. I remember it well,
    Of Stafford’s nine GBG entries then one is a homeless hostel, one an Indian restaurant and the other seven are a free house (Greyhound), a Draught Bass outlet (Railway), an Enterprise £2 a pint pub (CoachAndHorses), two Marstons pubs (Chains,Holmcroft) and one each of Titanic (Sun) and Black Country Ales (ShrewsburyArms),

    Wasn’t “Help yourself to the cheese, lads” “the icing on the micro cake” – a bit like sausage rolls in the Circus Tavern ?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I expect we might discuss that poem in Tim’s Rupert Brooke during the morning of Friday 3rd May.
      My first address in Stafford, from 1973 to ’74, was 45 Brooke Court which was named after that poet.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. What have businesses got against serving-hatches in pubs, with a polite “will customers please move away after service” notice?

    It’s a far more efficient use of space, and requires less memory as to who is next on the part of bar staff.

    Someone could start a campaign.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “Help yourselves to the cheese, lads” – Tony and I (the Bar Billiard codgers) must have had a few if we were this friendly and welcoming!

    Liked by 1 person

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