One more round of “Micro Pub Spot The Difference” for you tonight.  I certainly failed to distinguish the Old Bay Alehouse from three dozen others in Thanet and Lancashire.  Perhaps they should call it something distinctive like Jug & Firkin, Ale Corner or Malt ‘n’ Hops.

Still, Birchington is my last tick in West Kent, and the OS extract had Groynes, Mussels and Gore to keep Russ happy (assuming he can read the small print).


It’s a dull workaday Thanet village, hardly a suburb of Margate, and mainly catering to retirees who like pie and chips and windswept winters on Minnis Bay.

It’s a bird !!!

But those retirees do at least provide a bit of pub custom on a weekday lunchtime.

Hilariously, I nearly didn’t make it, forgetting the Old Bay has a less than generous 90 minute lunch session and dawdling in the town centre before suddenly realising I had a 15 minute walk to Minnis.

Unique entrance

Five blokes sitting round the bar gently abusing each other on the subject of spinach and cooking.  “No-one understands me” said the chap in white socks.

Big lettering you can read

I don’t much like the seating arrangements in places like this, high tables round the wall and locals at the bar, but it feels like their pub, and they’re polite and pleasant.

Ain’t No Love (Ain’t No Use)” by Sub Sub plays for the benefit of no-one except me, pleased to hear from Wilmslow’s finest dance act after 25 years.

I even warm to the pews and sofas.

Pews on loan from the High Church of Trad Micros

This one would fade quickly in the memory, just as previous Birchington GBG entry the Wheel already has, with a Thanet Micro GBG Merry-Go-Round in full flow. Now they know how Ales of the Unexpected and the Harbour Arms feel, I thought.

Just one thing. The beer was sensational.  NBSS 4 for the cool, rich Clouded Minds Stout, a beer of the month contender.

So once again, Thanet CAMRA get it right. As they nearly always do.

“No-one understands me”



  1. I am a pub man above a beer man but when the beer is good it can’t half cloud your judgement!!! Any open pub is a good one in my book as a starting point and work backwards from there. Amazed at how many new boozers have sprung up the past five years…surely that must be a good thing?

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      1. “rather than sitting at home arguing with their wives and watching Sky” – ah, at long last I see the attraction of micropubs. .

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  2. “(assuming he can read the small print)”

    I can! But I was more interested in Plumpudding Island. 🙂

    “Unique entrance”

    Definitely a ‘step up’ from some of the other places. 😉

    “Big lettering you can read”

    For the beers at least. And what’s with the padding on the bar?

    “This one would fade quickly in the memory,”

    I’d have forgotten it already if it wasn’t for the padded bar front. 🙂

    ““No-one understands me””

    And no wonder. White socks in winter? Sheesh.


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