Another short post for people whose heads are too full of words.  For folk who like stats, which may just be Duncan, this is a summary showing how I’m going all slacker these days.

At this rate it’ll just be “Woke up. Thanet. Micro. Pashmina. Singapore noodles. Missed train” in a few years.

Here’s the Copper Pottle in Beltinge, which sounds like an angry Scottish band from 1993.

Epic walks that miss out the Butchers, and really shouldn’t

Just to prove I wandered a bit further than the micro and the row of takeaways that make up this Herne suburb, here’s a windmill.

Future micro, of course

I’m getting a bit complacent now; a dozen micros already in January and only the one in Kimberley shut.

Rare “Open” sign
Funnier than the “Husband creche”, anyway

You can still never be sure a micro is open, as you’ll hear from my Darton trip shortly, partly because you won’t always find the owner behind the bar.  As there isn’t one.

In this case, you’re more concerned about the balloons dangling from the ceiling than whether you’ll get a half (or are they umbrellas).

As you’ll see, odd tables but proper seating and a nice big readable beer board.

Seating choice
Nice handwriting

£3 pints, beers you’ve heard of, ham & custard crisps. Wait, what ?

I went for Gadds 7 and the cashews, the sophisticated choice.

Peak micro

Now I can’t claim I wouldn’t prefer the atmosphere in a Sheps estate pub, if such a thing exists, as I was the sole customer till just before I left (take the hint, RM).  Simon and Duncan will know that the chattiness of the Landlady or barman can make or break a pub visit when you’re the only punter.

But the guvnor was a bit of a legend, explaining he stayed open during January as there was work to be done, providing a history of Herne pier in rapid time, and understanding the importance of lacings.  Really chatty, and as BRAPA will confirm that isn’t always the case.

Oh, and his beer was superlative, NBSS 3.5+. 



23 thoughts on “BELTINGE FIRE

  1. 2,002. And counting !

    Can’t say that the length really concerns me. In fact, variable length makes things interesting.

    Always found well-kept Gadds to be a pleasure to drink.

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  2. “He stayed open during January as there was work to be done” – yes, fixing the roof so he can dispose of the umbrellas or finding some matching furniture or opening on Mondays ?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It wasn’t on a blackboard, but simply written by a finger, in the dirt of a white van, pulled over by a police car, on the hard shoulder of the M62 near Saddleworth..

        It simply said “tax me”.

        It’s a few years ago, but, well, it’s a dear memory somehow…

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  3. “Here’s the Copper Pottle in Beltinge,”

    Were all of their drinks by the pottle only?

    “Rare “Open” sign”

    Plus what looks to be the forerunner of mobility scooters. 🙂

    “As there isn’t one.”

    An owner or a bar?

    “you’re more concerned about the balloons dangling from the ceiling than whether you’ll get a half (or are they umbrellas).”

    They’re serving halfs in umbrellas?

    “Wait, what ?”

    I ‘c’ what you did there. 😉
    (or rather, what the person with nice handwriting did)

    “But the guvnor was a bit of a legend,”

    Was that Gavin or Gary?


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  4. I liked this place – the umbrellas are to absorb the sound apparently as the acoustics were said to be troublesome at first. Keep the stats coming -must be nearly time for that spreadsheet to make another appearance. Maybe I should sponsor it.

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      1. They got the idea from a music venue. It’s also called the Copper Pottle because a Pottle is both a half gallon measure and the name of the owner. That exhausts my Copper Pottle based knowledge so will hand you back to Martin to deal with all future enquiries!

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