Does it ever end ?

This report on Wales, I mean, not EVERYTHING (that’s later).

The bus from Caerleon dropped me off in a sodden Newport at 3.30pm, and I suddenly felt wiped out. Dunno why, it’s not as if I ever do anything.

So, with apologies to Mr Murenger, I saved your pub for next time.

It’s wonderful

Instead, I bought some jeans from Next, snapped some more Newport art,

Spells something rude. In Welsh

and trudged back to my digs with a bag of bread and Oud Amsterdam, having failed to find Welsh cheese.

Four hours later, I’d written two posts and read three back issues of the Economist. But you can’t come to Newport and not explore the local wildlife nightlife, can you ?

So at 9pm I crossed the bridge in high winds and made what is known in the ticking trade as a pointless trip, a return to the Godfrey Morgan in manic Maindee. You can’t miss it; it’s the only building that’s not a takeaway.

Very ex-cinema

Lovely and full, apart from the one table they’ve saved especially for me, apparently.

Bud at the front

Not much evidence of cask, even at £1.49 (99p with voucher ?) for our premier pint.

Note shot glasses being stacked

All human life is here, as per usual. This is the only Spoons in the Beer Guide for Newport (it used to have four) and I love it. Lively but not rowdy, a civilised drinking place with no obvious food trade.

(The only reason that other pubs survive round here is due to the absence of music; the pubs across the road are all booming out karaoke versions of “Up Where We Belong“).

Shots, Bud and cocktail jugs rule on Saturday night. My Brains SA is the epitome of NBSS 3, which is fine.

It’s this big !

Then a chap with a chicken on his head came and sat at my table.

A worrying moment

And started taking his clothes out of his suitcase. I thought that only happened to BRAPA. Luckily he wasn’t singing the Chicken Song.


Anyway, that was me done for the night.

In the morning, on the way for the train to meet Sis in Brizzle, the drizzle persisted.


19 thoughts on “MAINDEE – £1.49 PINTS AND CHICKEN MAN

  1. Spoons have their role, even if they are more like places to buy beer rather than proper pubs. But clearly, people don’t come there for the charming interior, the open fireplace, the banter or the atmosphere. They come there for the low prices (and, admittetly – some of us, for the range of beers). Price matters. Beer duty kills pubs.

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    1. People clearly DO go there for the banter and atmosphere, Morten. Otherwise they’d get their lager and cider from Tesco and drink at home !

      I know we like our pint by the fire in the Royal Oak or Kings Head, but Spoons are much more than drinking sheds.

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    2. Indeed Scott. The Bishop Blaize, in Old Trafford, for instance, I found to be cracking on non-match days, yet the Barking Dog in Barking was, well, as you’d expect, on the other hand.


  2. Brains SA was on in the Bangor hotel where we stayed last night and only right that I should have a couple of pints of it in its sixtieth anniversary year.

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  3. “This report on Wales, I mean, not EVERYTHING (that’s later).”

    Douglas Adams beat you to it. 🙂

    “Spells something rude. In Welsh”

    That hardly narrows it down.

    “Very ex-cinema”

    Or, as we say, ‘bijou’.

    “apart from the one table they’ve saved especially for me, apparently.”

    The one with the suitcase on it?

    “Shots, Bud and cocktail jugs rule on Saturday night. ”

    Wait, I thought you said just above that this was a civilised drinking place? 😉

    “It’s this big !”

    And we won’t ask what ‘it’ is. 🙂

    “A worrying moment”

    Good lord yes! Between Thanksgiving and Christmas it should be a turkey!
    (shades of Bluebottle and the boot of porridge on his head)

    “And started taking his clothes out of his suitcase. ”

    He already had some on I hope!

    “on the way for the train to meet Sis in Brizzle, the drizzle persisted.”

    I see the Christmas season brings out the poet in you. 🙂


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      1. That branch is not conforming to company rules, unless that is the standard price – dressed it with spoons directly previously. Unless it’s in a lower priced area? E.G. spoons brekky in Liverpool cheaper than in Leeds.


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