I’d given myself a ridiculously tight timetable for visiting the two new Colchester pubs on the way back from Wivenhoe to Waterbeach.

The Romans stayed for much longer, leaving some good pubs and street art.

It’s in Latin

A few years later, Colchester became best known for the unique “Middle Ages Football Experience” at Layer Road, for which visiting fans would fortify themselves with Broadside and chips.

Good for chips is Colchester

I still found time to admire the modern art installation, Firstsi, named after the First Si to complete the GBG in 2071.


The Queen St Brew House showed contradictory opening hours, but I strode as confidently as Hoptimus Maximus into an open door 15 minutes earlier than expected.


“Can I help you”. The emphasis on the help is the giveaway. I’d walked into a cafe called Good Souls @ the Brew House. Sadly, I couldn’t stay, so embarrassingly shuffled out, consigned to returning in ten minutes for the pub.

Three Wise Monkeys is two minutes closer to town, and is closer in style to a Brewhouse & Kitchen than I appreciate.

With white back bar full of better known keg taps and the mandatory burger offer it was suspiciously Greene King Does Craft (see Grain Store, Cambridge)

But it combined modern with a modicum of pubiness and Old Boys brushed shoulders with fluorescent jackets. Mobility scooters may take longer.

I’m sorry to say I drank my (cheap) pint of Colchester in 2.75 minutes, rushing back to Queen St to stand outside expectantly at 2.59pm.

Actually, I barged straight in, and was met by a bloke who’d unsuccessfully auditioned for Edward Scissorhands purposefully putting up Halloween decorations.

I detest Halloween 3% more than Christmas.

Do they force you to wear that stuff on your face ?” Apparently not.

Perhaps he can tell a man in a hurry, as I’d got a half of Dominion in front of me by 3.01. The beer was NBSS 3.51.

Great cool fresh beer, as Colchester nearly always delivers, and the pub looked a bit special.

That’s their lighting, not my filter.

Rushed visit, but caught my train and will no doubt be back to see the new micro pub in the Castle when the inevitable happens.


  1. “It’s in Latin”

    Indeed, but does the plaque on the left indicate they’re now ‘twinned’ (as it were) with Wetzlar and Avignon?

    “Good for chips is Colchester”

    And apparently you can take said chips ‘awa’. I didn’t know Colchester had a strong Scottish contingent?


    Since we’re talking Si here, I’m assuming that’s what toilets will look like in 2071?

    ““Can I help you”.”

    Helluva a welcome considering the multi lingual sign in the window.

    “I’m sorry to say I drank my (cheap) pint of Colchester in 2.75 minutes,”

    My wife is away this weekend for a first cousins get together. I do believe a few of my pints whilst home alone will go down that quickly. 😉

    “I detest Halloween 3% more than Christmas.”

    Your photo confirms it. Your hands must have been shaking in anger or whatnot when taking it. 🙂

    “Apparently not.”

    In the photo below, if the Woodbine Race was devised and whatnot in Essex, why does it have a Maple Leaf on the pump clip?

    * scratch that; there’s a Dominion Brewery in Essex. (blush)

    “That’s their lighting, not my filter.”

    I blame the flags on the ceiling.



    1. Good analysis, Russ. I was indeed literally shaking with rage.

      If Si is still with us in 2071 after the enemies he’s made he’ll be doing well.

      There’s a fair few Scots in Colchester Barracks, but also a fair few folk who take the “y”.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. “Russ, the Essex version of Dominion is run by one of those rarities, a Canuck who emigrated to the UK.”

        Ta Scott, appreciate that. (thumbs up)


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