Next stop Dover for Matt’s post-hardcore gig, and a chance to evaluate the state of preparations for Britain’s latest car park (aka the M26).

Oddly, Google Maps then sent us via the M2, forcing a late change in GBG-driven lunch plans. Ah, Faversham.


Underrated as a pub destination due to some folk’s preference for Harvey’s or Adnam’s over Shepherd Neame, but as perfect a little town as anywhere in the South-East.  Whatever the Pub Curmudgeon polls say.

Plenty of good pub there

Plenty of Olde England, plenty of real town.  Starting at the underpass.

Just like the John Foxx song

I’m not sure what’s most attractive about Ticklebelly Alley; the name or the font.  Matthew Lawrenson can decide.

Something happened here, once.  Apparently.

Why do ALL Faversham’s pubs look so inviting ?

Another great font
Railway Hotel.  Still never been in.

I wanted to pop in the latest Kent micro, which lacks the splendour of the Sheps estate, but benefits from an entry in the Guide.


Ooh, can I go in there ?” said Mrs RM.

No !” said Matt, aware that a) they don’t serve salted caramel fudge cake and b) Mrs RM would never leave once she’d seen the Beavertown taps.

Instead, I installed wife and son in the last free seat in the Spoons and loaded the App.

Note, if you will, the holy trinity of pub transport.  Pushchair, bike and mobility scooter.  I should get an award from the Faversham Flyer for that one.

All human life is here
Bit quiet at the bar

I ordered them about 7,376 calories worth of food for a tenner on the app (Punk IPA for Mrs RM) and nipped back to the Corner Tap while they weren’t looking.

Craft bar/micro yes, but a bit more airy and pubby than the norm.  And some folk didn’t fit the micro median (middle-aged bloke).

Almost pubby
Back bar astonishingly not white tiling

Some nice clear signage at the bar, a huge range of beers, and some Whitstable cask served from those taps that confuse the whole keg/key keg/cask issue that some folk get awfully worked up about.

Cool cask.  Too cool, actually

The Pale Ale was on the chilled side of cool, which I’m loathe to complain about after a Summer of soup, but there you go.  NBSS 3, tasty but a bit thin.

But here’s the thing.  NO-ONE SAID A WORD.  With no music or banter, just appreciation of beer, it was deathly quiet.

A youngish visitor came in, stared at the bewildering range of options, asked for something “hoppy” and ended up with Gamma Ray. #CaskIsDead.

I hurried back into the bosom of the Leading Light, where Family Taylor had hardly missed me, but left me hardly any of the salted caramel pudding (which is epic).

Sadly, I had too walk past the Elephant again on the way back past the station.  What a pub.



  1. Just so I have this straight, you walked past the station so you could walk past the Elephant a second time; the Elephant not being on the way. I agree that it it is a beautiful pub, one that I have not passed by without entering.

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      1. Well worth the walk.

        You did lead me to discover that the Gunpowder Mill(which Google maps has in different two spots) is a Marston’s pub.

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    1. Richard, it’s a while since I set foot inside the Elephant, but unless things have changed for the worst, I wouldn’t have walked past the place. From memory, it’s one of the pubs in Faversham – unless you’ve already “ticked” it, I suppose.

      You have to feel for Martin’s family, being dumped off in one of Mr Martin’s establishments, instead of being taken to a proper pub.

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  2. We stayed at the Railway in 2012. Our room faced the toward the station. When in the shower you could wave to the people on the top of the double-decker bus through the full length window, and they could wave back.

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  3. That “Flint & Sons” frontage will have been from before 1923 when that Canterbury brewery was acquired by Alfred Leney & Co of Dover who three years later were taken over by Fremlins whose trademark was an elephant.

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  4. Martin, salted caramel sticky pudding sounds nice, but I bet it makes the beer taste disgusting afterwards. As a rule, I avoid deserts whilst I’m drinking as beer and sweet things don’t exactly compliment each other.

    One last thing, as Peter Falk used to say, I’m avoiding Timbo’s establishments at the moment, salted caramel or no salted caramel.

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