A quick stop in Worksop on the way to Sheffield to ensure James has found the toaster.

Lunch is a shared pizza and pint of Punk IPA for £6.49 in the Spoons.

Not Spoons’ best

I’m a cheap date” says Mrs RM, cradling her bargain pint as I dash off for a half in my new tick.

Yes a whole pint

Worksop is always worth the stop, Punk or no Punk. Some classy buildings and one of the UK’s busiest street markets.

Art Deco
Proper town

And some Proper Pubs that will never grace the Beer Guide, unless Brewhouse & Kitchen have grand ambitions.

Gorgeous French Horn

There’s a new pub, too. A sort of gin bar with handpumps.

Looks like an estate agents

Fuggles Chapter One is at the edge of town, and has two couples, one on high tables, the other more civilised.

Fuggle Bunny indeed

By some miracle the bloke in front is having a pint of cask, so I follow him on the Fuggle Bunny Gold.

He’s astonished his pint and enormous fish bowl gin cost a tenner, so he’s obviously never been to Battersea.

The barmaid is taken back by my request for a half.

NO-ONE asks for a half in Worksop

You can trust a town where no-one asks for a half.

Cosmopolitan” says WhatPub, which means the word Gents is banned.

Decent lacings, cool beer, homebrew taste (NBSS 3).

I return to Mrs RM via the brushes. Her Punk is finished. A quiet afternoon awaits.

14 thoughts on ““THEY CAN’T SAY HALF IN WORKSOP”

  1. It might be twenty years since I was in Worksop but it was the only town where I felt out of place as a non-smoker.
    I do hope that, having floored his venues with a variety of carpets, Tim’s latest plan isn’t a variety of colours for painting his exteriors.

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  2. The facade of the French Horn has appeared in many “what has happened to the British pub?” articles.

    “Fuggle Bunny”? Earth, please open up now and swallow me 😦

    Liked by 3 people

  3. ““Cosmopolitan” says WhatPub, which means the word Gents is banned.” –Ha! Yes, I’m surprised this ‘clever toilet nomenclature’ trend isn’t griped about more often; compared to other irritations like throw pillows and bookshelf wallpaper, there’s rather more at stake!


  4. “Fuggle Bunny indeed”

    It’s called Fuggle’s Chapter One, and their beers inside are Chapter 2 and Chapter 3.

    I’m confused.

    “so he’s obviously never been to BatterseaBattersea.”

    Is that the UK version of New York, New York; so good you have to say it twice? 😉

    “You can trust a town where no-one asks for a half.”

    Agreed. 🙂

    “I return to Mrs RM via the brushes.”

    For some reason I’m humming “My Old Man’s a Dustman” now. 😉


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