Northampton Craft, from Klaipėda to Falmouth



Don’t worry folks, it’s not a misguided attempt to enter the world of beer blogging, merely a travel recommendation for Mrs RM while she’s camped down in Northampton over the winter.

I very kindly tested a couple more possible alternatives to the Spoons for Christine to trek to on the way back from the WMC to the station.  If she makes it as far as that Club I want to see the blog.


Northampton grows on me with every visit.  Friendly people, giant green spaces, well-kept terraces, consistent pubs, a shiny new Council building…

Future micro pub
Space reserved for Brewhouse & Kitchen

I walked past the Racecourse along Kettering Road towards town, bumping into people while I searched Google Maps for a late lunch stop that wasn’t Wetherspoons.

Walking past Savas Kiemas I was attracted by the shiny Lithuanian craft beer taps, which I’ve intentionally blurred so you have to do some research yourself.


The reviews were excellent.
Еда вкусная, обслуживание супер 👏
Спасибо 😉
Будем посещать чаще 😉
Удачи вам 🤗
It’s a proper smart/casual restaurant, not a cheap Bradford-style caff, with one of the world’s most helpful illustrated menus.
Always go for the one with “Special” in the title.

“Which one’s going fastest mate”

I asked the guy what to drink and he said they all drink this one;

Always go for the one with “Ekstra” in the title.
Just beer

The beer was cold and familiar-tasting; the pork was the tastiest meal I’ve had all year.  They must put Draught Bass in the “Special Sauce“.  It probably had a gazillion calories but vegetables, yeah ?

Meal of the Year

The only thing I can say about Savas Kiemas is that it seems to have mislaid the switch that turns Ed Sheeran off.

All Northampton needs is some craft coffee and a craft beer shop, I thought.

Ground Craft Coffee
Beer Guerilla

And a zig-zag through the mean streets of Abington provided both.  The frontage of Beer Guerilla, cruelly missed on the Old Codgers tour of the town*, had a range of cans to rival Bar Stewards in Sheffield.

Mrs RM clearly enjoyed the Verdant, Falmouth’s finest.  She can go there and drink her own can next week.


*Our regular pub companion Citra would love this place too, being a traitor to the cask cause.  Get well soon, mate.

15 thoughts on “Northampton Craft, from Klaipėda to Falmouth

  1. After two reads I’m still trying to find the connection to the Falmouth in the title.
    Or am I being thick ( or thicker than usual ) ?
    Florida beckons again next week so if I go doggo for a while you’ll know I’ve been caught up in a hurricane.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah,got it.
        I didn’t know that but then I know very little about the craft world.
        I’ll have no problem reporting from a hurricane but if I go missing ask them to concentrate their search in the wreckage of Sharkey’s Pub in Key Largo.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Er, yes, I thought it looked familiar.
        Some take a photo of the wife wherever they go. For proper pubmen it’s more likely to be a Bass beermat !

        Liked by 1 person

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