More short reads, as I type this on a phone, which is my excuse for the inevitable typo. I can’t even do OS extracts to titillate Russ at the moment.

You left me in a Winton micro trying to work out the most exciting way to walk into Bournemouth proper.

But how can you walk past a beauty like this ?


Joking. It’s a very plain Spoons in the suburban style familiar to anyone who’s visited all the Portsmouth Timbo emporia, with some highly tenuous links to rock history.

Your usual Spoons crowd, a mix of folk who can’t be bothered to take their KFC into a micro pub and semi-professionals drinkers.

No Beer Guide place for this evil non-micro, of course, so why was I there ?

Flack Catcher – Ha Ha

Why, to take a photo of a humorous pump clip, of course. And drink a gallon of flat white for Β£1.25.

I succumbed to the Flack Manor, a bellwether pint.

It was terrible, undrinkable. Of course, you can always take a pint back in Spoons without fear of being labelled a liar/idiot/beer bore. Even here, it took a staff consultation to get it replaced.

I pointed at the Jurassic. That was much better, a 3.5 perhaps, and enjoyed the spectacle of human life unfolding.

Then I saw the nice lady turning round a pump clip. Ah, unlike that posh pub in Fareham last week, they take the duff beer off sale. Hurrah.

Sadly, she’d turned round the good one. I hadn’t got the energy to restart the debate.

No knob jokes please, Prof.

21 thoughts on “TAKING THE DUFF BEER OFF

      1. I could have guessed that ! Actually, because I’ve had such mixed experience with Flack I nearly always pick, nearly always poor, even if not breweries fault. How do breweries like that survive without their own pubs to control quality ?

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  1. I’ve been drinking quite bit of the DBC beers recently, in spoons where it is a Locale and in non spoons where although still Locale it is quite a highlight amongst the likes of St Austell and other mainstreams. Jurassic is my favourite and Maximus Citrus (or whatever it is called) is Mrs C’s.

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  2. I even saw Reedley Hallows in Spoons yesterday. Well a pumpclip at any rate, the beer wasn’t on. It possibly didn’t exist.
    3 times in the last month I’ve seen Jurassic Durdle Door proudly displayed on a pump clip but it has never been on. Tim does have some obvious problems in his estate.

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    1. Does he, though ? No-one really goes to Spoons for real ale anymore, and if they do then Doom or Abbot or Ghost Ship. Even by my standard the guest beers are tedious (often quirky specials). Many Spoons these days have less cask choice than a Greene King or Marstons diner.


  3. “I can’t even do OS extracts to titillate Russ at the moment.”

    After you mentioning ‘prolapse’ in your previous post I’m avoiding those for the moment. πŸ™‚

    “with some highly tenuous links to rock history.”

    I haven’t thought of Crimson King in a long time. May try to dig up some of their songs this weekend.

    “I hadn’t got the energy to restart the debate.”

    In the photo below they show Red Racer Session Ale. I have that in my fridge in 500ml cans. πŸ™‚

    “No knob jokes please, Prof.”

    How about, in honour of prolapse, ‘rectum? damned near killed him!’ πŸ˜‰


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  4. This is going to sound like a joke question, but I’m honestly curious: Is the word “Phwoar” something that’s commonly used throughout England as a written word? Seems like a representation of a sound, more than a ‘dictionary word’, if you know what I mean.

    Googling tells me it “Expresses sexual desire on seeing a person that one is attracted to.” An accurate definition? Beer fans seem to playfully use it for the attractiveness of a pint, that sort of thing.


    1. As the Brits are most likely in bed I’ll attempt to answer that Mark.

      Yes, phwoar is primarily intended as a confirmation of sexual attraction but it can be used for approval of other things. Think of the expression ‘hot damn’ for, say, a ’68 Mustang (Steve McQueen’s car in Bullitt) rather than a long legged blonde. πŸ˜‰

      I’m biased but the British have some great sayings (e.g. Gor Blimey; Allo allo allo, what’s all this then; and Cor, do us a favour darlin’).

      Of course they have odd ones like ‘pulling up trees’ or some such. πŸ˜‹

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