Still in the hitherto unexplored suburbs of Bournemouth, still bringing you one pub at a time as I wait for the laptop to be repaired. I hope all those Bass mirrors don’t count as porn.

Loads of pubs in Bournemouth “proper”, a spectacular zero in the Beer Guide, as all the micros head to the suburbs and abandoned insurance shops.

Face it. The Silverback is never getting listed, is it ?

Look familiar ?

But I don’t judge pubs by their exterior, but by the good cheer of their owner and customers.

Though it’s hard to excuse the high tables.

The owner was chatting to a family who’d brought their KFC in from over the road. It felt a bit like the cider micro in Dover, though at least here they weren’t trying to get children to eat pickled eggs.

Don’t judge me, I’m pissed” said micro dad, either because he was licking his fingers or because KFC lacks cred.

Bring your own food ? Bring your children ? Not sure it’s very Herne-compliant, and thank heaven for that. Pubs should be inclusive.

I could even work out what beers they had on, possibly a first.

Note pickled onions

Resisting the offer of a sampler, free or otherwise, I went for the one named after Hartley Wintney’s top beer man Citra. And not just because it’s the strongest. Oh no.

Unmistakably Citra

Looks a bit flat, doesn’t it ? But my note says “cool, tasty 3.5” so that’s the end of it.

They were playing what appeared to be called “Iron Maiden FM” – can that be right ?

As Bruce started into “Run for the hills” (de de de, de de de), the owner singing along, I walked off to the Spoons.


  1. Unlike much of the south west, Dorset is a micro hotspot. The big question is what you are going to blog about when you reach the gap between your last trip and the new Guide appearing (which is now scheduled for January). My money is on a trip to the newsagent in Waterbeach to buy a can of Top Deck (NBSS 3).

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  2. I do get the impression that most pub fans dislike high tables, while most people running pubs love them. I wonder if it’s a method of squeezing more customers into a small area– that you don’t expect as much elbow room when sitting at such a table?

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  3. “I hope all those Bass mirrors don’t count as porn.”

    That would depend on what they’re reflecting.

    “Look familiar ?”‘

    They do start to look a bit alike don’t they.

    “either because he was licking his fingers or because KFC lacks cred.”

    (slow golf clap)

    “As Bruce started into “Run for the hills””

    That must be on the B side of ‘Run to the hills’. 😉



      1. No doubt they’ll want to put it straight back in as it’s under Barrels ownership and probably largely unchanged. There do tend to be a load of pubs in the new Guide that don’t last to Christmas, though.


      2. “I assumed that the new improved GBG had finally landed on Martin’s doorstep and trying to lift up the 5,398 page tome had caused severe medical problems”

        (slow golf clap)

        Had a similar thought when I saw “prolapse” but decorum suggested I steer clear of asking. (LOL)

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  4. Loads of pubs in Bournemouth “proper” – yes, but last year I only found one Proper Pub, the Cricketers, in Bournemouth.

    Those pickled eggs reminds me that in the Seven Stars, Falmouth two days ago they were at 50p better value than the pickled onions at 40p


      1. Haven’t been to the centre for years, all G&T rather than Goat & Tricycle. Yes, a good Wadworths pub, though I note WhatPub delightedly tells us “eleven hand pumps”, which doesn’t seem nearly enough.

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