The long walk to cask

One of the joys of the Beer Guide, if we ever see it again, is the variety of places you get to visit.  Basic boozers, gastropubs, brewery taps, places that don’t like opening at all.

Loads of Wetherspoons and Ember Inns across the country, but only a few of the main family diners.  A Brewers Fayre in Glenrothes here, a Hungry Horse in Spalding or Nelson there, and now a Sizzling Pub & Grill in the unfashionable suburbs of Blackpool.


Nor quite sure how you’d place the Bay Horse, stuck between posh Poulton and, er, feisty Fleetwood.  Anyway, another half hour walk from Cleveleys tram station, through what passes for suburbia.

Never been in a Sizzling before, so naturally very excited, particularly when there’s a moat to cross.  Perhaps the only moat in the Beer Guide ?


Well, you can see why it’s in the Guide with such a craft-tastic beer range, can’t you ?

Sizzling in the cellar not a warm beer, apparently

Right up my street, of course. And decent service as well.  £2.90 a pint can’t harm trade either,and these places often attract the mature trade that goes “Oooh, Black Sheep, don’t see that very often“.  These pubs do as much real ale trade as in the hole of Fife between October and March, and I applaud their dull ranges.

Apart from the jam jars, there’s no attempt at all to be pubby. Why should they ?  You come here for chips.  And to admire the toilet fonts.


And if you’re aged 3, 5 or 53, attempt to snatch Mr Incredible.  I failed.


The Black Sheep was fine, but dull, and the tables were a bit too big, and the drama had all been used up on BRAPA’s visit the week before.  So I left it and I walked out.


Then I thought “What a waste”, and walked in again, and finished it off. That five minute break made all the difference to the taste just like in Aberdare.  I might be on to something here.

21 thoughts on “SIZZLIN’

  1. “in the unfashionable suburbs of Blackpool.”

    I be the posh bit’s in the part with the funny name; Poulton-Le-Fylde.

    “stuck between posh Poulton”

    Aha! (don’t forget, I don’t read ahead before commenting). 🙂

    “Sizzling in the cellar not a warm beer, apparently”

    Pfft. The clip says “settling”, not “sizzling”.

    “attempt to snatch Mr Incredible”

    I was going to say something along the lines of Mrs Incredible’s snatch… but decided against it.

    “I might be on to something here.”

    I think Guinness does something along those lines. Anticipation?


    PS – “as in the hole of Fife between October and March,”

    Is the hole of Fife a micropub. 😉


      1. “I really think you’re bringing the tone of this blog down with your Incredibles comments. ”

        (hangs head) 😕


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  2. I know Glenrothes is not an attractive new town but is it the “hole of Fife”?! A ‘w’ can go a long way. If I hadn’t had to go in there I wouldn’t have gone for the beer range either but knew you would like it!

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  3. In my Shetlandic exile, a line-up of Tetley, Speckled Hen, Wainwright and Black Sheep would be wonderful. Even in my previous haunt of Bristol, Tetley is rare enough, you don’t see much Wainwright and Black Sheep is largely confined to Ember Inns.
    The Windmill in Portishead had a moat when it was in the GBG, but is now out of the Guide and I think the moat has been filled in. I wonder if these facts are connected.

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  4. “And to admire the toilet fonts” –Had a good chuckle at this. Rarely has a sign for the gents looked so much like the lettering from a Depeche Mode album.

    Knowing me I’d go for the Tetley’s, and say, “Hey this is pretty good,” even as people who know a lot about cask look at me and shake their heads in pity. 😉

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  5. A couple of months ago I made my first ever visit to a Sizzling Inn. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected it to be. There were less twilds than expected, those who stray away from blackcurrant cordial enjoyed their beer and it was pubbier than a number of micros I’ve been in and lest platic than an Ember or ‘Spoons on the crapper end of the scale. If I were to compile a league table of pubs I’ve visited in an arbitrary time frame, it would probably challenge lower mid table, and certainly wouldn’t be a relegation contender. As pubs clearly can’t be relegated, I’d suggest the bottom three in the league be demolished.

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      1. In the interests of fairness, I’d need a couple of days to think and even then could easily forget something wonderful. First thought is Plough, Doncaster. Perhaps Roscoe, Liverpool is up there also. Leave it with me and prod me if I forget to come back.


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